Season 5 Inactives - Wall of Shame

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  1. Actually if you see the last person on my thread is her. And I did not edit my post when I saw that. I put her on right away like I would put on any other person. Sorry, but I'm not gonna show bias on a thread like this. :cool:

  2. Respect :) I appreciate it
  3. War 14 superduperfox inac all war, couldve cost us the win

    Edit: nvm posted already
  4. lIIl-_-D34TH-_-IllI
  5. Hossboy200 - 1 action
    Claims his internet was slow. Leaked 5kos
  6. Had zero money out anyway good war though.
  7. Hope all is good with this cat. Haven't known brother king to be inactive.Although war would have been victorious with him there.
  8. ____________brotherking____IDD inactive for War 15.Hope everything is good your way.
  9. I think we, here at New Age, have more targets via inactive EE alts this week then we did farming WC last week!

    Fun starts tomorrow.
  10. Just because he had 0 gold out doesn't mean he can't leak. Duh.
  11. Just wondering why I'm on there twice when I was semi inactive once where I still finished with 20 actions
  12. Twice is enough or are you going for a hat trick? 
  13. 0utcast - black looters
    always inactive at war cant event bother to mirth up. do 5 action and mia.
    Worst he purposely put gold out to leak...

    this is not the first time he do this .

    Hope he get strip as he say want to strip me :(
  14. Honestly I'd like to strip you too with that build.
  16. You'll need 19trill for that castiel :lol:
  17. Dayum so many inactives ..... S5 
  18. New Ages event to farm these Inactives is now live. see my thread for more info.
  19. Kittehx3 - "was having breakfast"
    Raltsing - no excuse, just total inactivity
  20. Im waiting for you to apologize for posting that ignorant thread about me.