Season 5 Inactives - Wall of Shame

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  1. Sweet_Tamil 3 actions won

    Over entire war

    Even with XTAL call

    Where said they xtaled
  2. I am not yet on this list, but I would like to apologize for being inactive in war 16. I slept through my alarm, and therefore missed the war. Doing so, and thus getting the shattered sword, will cause me to miss 13 wars in a row, already dropping me out of top 10, and probably out of top 100 as well. To everyone on my side of the war, I apologize. If you guys want to get together in one clan, let me know and I will drop a couple of SoD to make it up to you. I look forward to returning to S5 on Monday
  3. bbtoskar

    War 16
  4. Dc8
    War 17
    Cunning Oathkeepers

    9 successful actions as the biggest attack build on our team. Didn't even bother trying to sko.
    Didn't xtal. Then just put lol when I asked him why.
  5. Texas-RattleSnake inactive and mole
  6. Lol, reminds me of someone signing up for a war in my former clan only to tell us he'll be watching a movie and will help us later.
  7. Must be English.
  8. This is why you don't cast and leave clan UNTIL YOU WAKE UP
  9. Yes I agree vlambo , I set alarm to wake up and war but I do not cast the night before
  10. Did it for 3 days in a row and got 3 wins. Had the problem on fourth day, and am now paying the price. However, lesson learned for future. I already apologised to my clan members, and offered compensation. I dont know what else you would expect me to do lol.

  11. Seems the inactives r drying up
    I wonder why that is

    GL All n Enjoy S5
  12. kureshi had no crystals for war just as bad as being inactive
  13. Not really bud have mercy on people who don't want to spend money
  14. If there is an event that requires money being spent to participate, and you dont want to spend money, then you shouldn't be participating.
  15. It isn't required, just heavily advised. If it was required then he couldn't war from the start.
  16. Dat moment when ur clan leader is a war imactive :3
  17. Good luck n hope it costs u wins
  18. I'm warring? News to me
  19. Updated. Keep posting your inactives :cool: