Season 4 Coming Soon!

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  1. Mids ARE a problem, which led to so many of us dropping build. The "new" system allows for mids (for now). If you just add clan wars back, then EVERYONE gets something. No one gets everything, but everyone gets something…. Come on, be smart about it..
  2. Actually mids could get a chance if they roster together and keep cs low over all .. They would only match other mid clans in primal .. Just like indi .. Problem is faith been lost in the system till more try it like in season they won't know

    Primal is much harder to manipulate .. And u can roster to avoid "stacked" clans but mids have to be smart about it
  3. go ahead and roster mids with bigs......
  4. EE noobs arguing
  5. Only 3 matches going on right now for primal. That's how you're planning to increase crystal sales in season for devs? 
  6. its only 2, 1 is a system war
  7. ^^^lol my mistake. I thought 3 was truly an insult until you corrected me and now there's only 2. Lol. How much money did you make on those crystal sales dev? 
  8. Indi wars are more fun

  9. Thats really sad, but true
  10. Mids have more chance to war in Primal than other formats. If you are saying otherwise then you have no idea. A well towered mid can still withstand attacks from bigs and also plunder and ko ppl as well. Just depends on how you use the mids on your roster and everyone needs to work as a team in primal. I prefer different wars but u can make a roster work if you need to. Previous wars have been sh dump troops and lb stay up thats how ppl have learned to war and when they come into primal its totally different
  11. Like the idea of medals. But can you please not put an expiration time on them. Some ppl are going holidays 
  12. can we have some pics about the rewards?
  13. reward should be plus hugh amount of gold as a valuta of the game.
  14. Yeah Thank you devs this is what the majority of us want
  15. Why does s4 have indi wars in it:( this game is getting worse
  16. Ohh yeah and why is the leg an bonus eq...s3 finished off with the legs...this is geting ridiculous
  17. Clan wars are exclusive to a small % of KaW. Indy Wars are open to everyone, the true measure of Indy will be in S4 with more participant.