Seahawks VS Patriots Super Bowl 49

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  1. If the Pats win, I might make a thread in your honor.

    If they lose, I'll likely quit life. It'll be the beginning of the end of Tom. But don't worry. Jimmy Garoppolo is waiting in the wings getting the best quarterback training known to man.

  2. Understandably so.
  3. I think we can all agree that the Vikings were robbed from the Super Bowl!
  6. I'm a life long patriots fan I remember the crap years when they didn't win where 1-15 & 2-14 were their records even the current Seattle coach couldn't win there,haters can hate all u want at least we don't get busted for ped use.
  7. Did they give tht man on the 2nd gif steroids? Or is it just that he isn't wearing thigh pads? Btw I'm Australian so don't follow American sports unless they are tied with Australian :)
  8. Blacklist? Like, the one with James Spader? That awesome TV series. That should probably be awards like 8 Golden Globes?
  9. We all know the Patriots will win, even though I can't stand them and Brady.

    I'm not personally that big on the Seahawks either.
  10. Squidward!
  11. Spongebob, now stfu
  12. Perfectly summarised moose.
  13. I support the Seahawks because they might be endangered.
  15. I'm going to watch the SuperBall but know nothing about American Football who should I support?
  16. Seahawks will prove the pats fools once and for all.

  17. s/o to all my chi-town homies
  18. On a more serious note I think the Deflators will win but I want the Seahawks to win
  19. They have video of a patriots equipment manager taking the balls off the field and taking them into a bathroom. People demanded proof. There it is. Makes those who were claiming the weather deflated those balls look fairly stupid lol
  20. i always look stupid. This changes nothing. NOTHING!!!!