scrubs at war v.2

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  1. GG I lost to their alt clan rip me. Hate on me please on this thread. I feel the power of scrubs2op now please shut up about it. I will hold this L TIL I beat ur main clan. K thx bai
  2. n o o n e c a r e s
  3. Lost to FFA clan again rip, who you blaming moled this time?
  4. Ehh. I know my main and several of the other alt's mains werent warring and have no home war clan. Guess you can try to beat my wife's war clan? she owns ODM. goodluck with that
  5. nobody cares hellbound, stop making threads you noob. your just a disgrace when we see your thread. Stop it.
  6. Lol what? Are you illiterate? read fu fread bruh
  7. No comprendo
  8. Ur salt, they are alts that try. If you were in an FFA clan against them u would get rekted. They only try against me cuz they hate me :) barcode ur sitting in an FFA clan right now, no war clan likes you.
  9. But you're not FFA. Why they beat you :eek:
  10. Cuz garboooo
  11. [​IMG]




    Lovely foxy's meme
  12. Ikr lol bk, ur garbo haha

  13. If you don't care so much why do you keep posting lame threads? Don't care elsewhere