Scorpion Treasure Chest?

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  1. It's optional, but it gives you a higher item drop rate...
  2. 21st. Hi drgn. Like they all say. Its not needed just assasinate the life instead
  3. Obviously none of you actually checked out the EB...
  4. Like everyone has said, you don't have to steal it to beat the eb but it gives us hansels another way to make money besides attack. I think (and this is pure speculation) if you have low spies your payout will be better at the end if you DON'T steal but use your spies for assassinating since you'll get more actions in. But I make around 50m first steal so I personally don't mind the lower payout at the end for fewer actions.
  5. We just Finished STP and Stole from the Chest to 0% prior to finishing the Epic Battle. Found that the differance in Plunder was about 10 billion, however our drops for Rings, Infernos and Aqua were way lower. We had been getting 5 or less Rings and this time got only 1 and No Aqua. Using xtals was wasteful for the amount of Plunder earned!
  6. I gave done it lots of time and when the steal bar down to 5% it drops more 11% drops

    If u avoid steal you get 1% drop rate
    Steal 0% is rate at 7%

    I have tryed them
  7. Sorry for the Necrobump, but I figured it was better than a new thread.

    Anyone got any more theories as to whether or not to steal the Treasure Chest in StP?

    Ignoring the extra plunder for Hansels/Spies does it seem to increase ring drop rates, or are you better off just assassing the main bar and getting the EB finished quicker.
  8. Almost disappointed to see this thread lol I expected better Rdc
  9. The treasure chest is opened at the end of the epic battle to unlock a small Asian doll. This doll doll is able to develop human features, and follows you on quests.
  10. They are like he gemstones in Ambush, to steal them(optional) but its not necessary to win the eb. Sometimes you may have 100% an have no other bars to hit. Then you can steal.
  11. I highly recommend stealing from it. Pulling in a whopping $74m for the first hit.