Scam Your Way Forward

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  1. I have something for you. 12491838473828383838450292743829#?4382837483398$--2*(84-38#8(-$28@(8# wjxixbsbaix wishful wbsjndbwidbd wsi dw side2 #jd eoxifbe ekcnd eskxkfbs zkxjd wkxjxd snkcnfdbsjxjfns sjxjdnbskkddns dkcfjndjxodjdnnskfkensnkcjeendjifkdekdmgodpfkfm3;34focodnenwockc.q3ckskwkfnckdkskwjjdfjfkcksjdndjdkdkdjdj
  2. Op, teach me your ways! :lol:
  3. Ah the classictganksnfor the bump proof i needed a good laugh
  4. Good thing I never volley people...
  5. Can he not be attacked! 0 troops!!
  6. Haha nice job. I'll keep a lookout for you
  7. A tiny alt can hit him (if he has goldout)

    I bet he does.
  8. Wow :lol:

    Anyone want to volley my ally?
  9. Lol all these nOobs posting. This thread was created more than a year ago
  10. Lol, you calling me a noob mickey? 

    When were you unforum banned?
  11. Bro ur awesome :lol:
  12. Lol I wouldn't fall for that unless it was a clan mate, if anyone does want to volley with me though, I've got 72b out
  13. Who bumped this up???? It's soo old
  14. I have tried it on smaller scale and I'm gaining so much money!
  15. Hahaha nice one
  16. Pmsl you genius!!! Sounds like soooooo much fun, im gunna do that with an alt to boost his cash up