Say it Foward

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  1. A Game of Compliments

    Not quite like Pay it Forward, but close.

    ~Compliment each of the 3 persons above you!!

    The Rules are very simple:

    We need 3 people to be volunteers to start!! Just post hello or something lol.

    After our 3 volunteers have posted, let the compliments begin!!

    -Reserve your spot with a Fast 1-letter reply. (or anything)

    -Then quickly go back to same page you reserved your spot, and *edit* in your Compliments to the 3 directly above you. We may not know all 3 above us- Give those you don't know a warm Hope of some sort then. "I hope you have a wonderful day" etc.

    -No limit on how many times you can reserve a spot! See someone you wanna compliment and they just posted?? Reserve your spot fast!!

    **Keep compliments within language guidelines lmao.

    **Trolls are to be skipped UNLESS you decide to compliment them anyway. Bravooo

    **Avoid b2b replies.

    ~~~~~~~~~~Example reply

    @soandso- I love your hair!

    @notsoandso- idk you, but I hope you have a splendid day!

    @sonotsoandso- you always help people when they are down! ty!

    3 VOLUNTEERS PLEASE- Start us off #4 B)
  2. Volunteering is overrated
  3. Pay me a seal pls, I'll volunteer then ;)
  4. Hi everyone! My name is sean893, and I have joined Kingdoms At War since April 2, 2013. Whoever you are, it's a pleasure to meet you! I hope that we can get along together :D
  5. Hi everyone.. I gotta say if your looking for OSW role play ...just follow a kotfe member they the best it .. you all have a good day : )
  6. @jinxed.. I compliment you on your sense of humor 

    @God of anarchy... I compliment you on your persistence,still talking about osw in a completely different thread. 

    @Sean... I compliment you on your efforts to spread joy 
  7. Hello! Best of luck!
  8. "Foward"
  9. @light... Thank you! I know you can do it too!
  10. It Forward