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  1. Minimum wage is the bases of everything in the USA minimum wage can’t raise without everything raising well causing havoc in the process. But with that said minimum wage isn’t for those with family’s ect there are many factory and construction job in the USA that pay much better (though mostly for men as it’s harder labor)
    That need little to no experience needed and with construction you can work your way up pretty easy if you try. (Construction work also as an issue when starting out as being unstable bc till u have experience the low end will often get “breaks” when they aren’t need which is pretty much all winter)
  2. How does one confuse bases for basis?

    They sound completely different T-T
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  6. Minimum wage jobs aren't meant for you to make a living on and raise a fam, they are for teens and maybe elderly supplementing income...if you're in your mid life working minimum wage you can still make other choices.
  7. Once you hit so many hours in a week for people paid hourly the taxes taken by the gov double, doesnt matter yearly income this is something they hammer you on. Speaking from experience when 75 hours in a week was a slow week.

    yes i understand what your trying to say but dont forget life isnt always about financial wealth.

    The real treasures in life are the ones you love. Family, friends, your children if you have any. Make sure to spend plenty of quality time with them. All that money means nothing when you lose them, so balance it out
  8. Thrawn the minimum wage jobs were never meant to be career jobs. Those are the entry jobs for teenagers or entry jobs in companies to work your way up the ladder.
    Minimum wage jobs were never intended to support a family and raising the wage on these only hurts the corporations and or the consumer and eventually the worker. Let’s face it the fry guy at McDonald’s shouldn’t make $15/hr. There isn’t any incentive to move to the cashier position which at one point may have paid more and etc etc. Employers have x amount of dollars budgeted daily stay open..the corporations will still stay within that budget and spread those hours around more workers reducing hours per week per worker to stay within that budget.

    Retail went through this when Obama administration implemented the Obamacare fiasco. Retailers adjusted by hiring more workers to to spread the the hours around to reduce the amount of full time workers to zero in order not to pay for medical insurance. They adjusted to stay within their daily operations budget. They same will happen with raising the minimum wage.

    Minimum wage needs to stay where it was, because those aren’t quality jobs.
  9. wow kasama jesus dude how did you come to that conclusion man that is so smart
  10. Well minimum wage will stay where it’s at they can “raise” it but let’s say u work in construction have decent knowledge and 2-3 years under your belt and moving up and making $15 an hour how pissed off are you gonna be for not only working in high/cold weather having years of knowledge (but not close to mastering your trade as they is a lot to know) and u find a guy at McDonald’s is making just as much as u on a job that took them days to learn. The answer is highly to the point they have to double your wage when things smooth back out economically. If they double everyone’s wage then prices double then your right back where you started the only thing that changed is many businesses went bankrupt when min wage changed and higher unemployment rates.
  12. If you work 100 hours a week there is absolutly no way you will not get a promotion and be paid more than minimum wage. Also countries with no minimum wage have higher average salaries.
  13. i guess you've never had a bad boss. some bosses keep hard workers in lower positions, either out of spite or out of laziness
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    2-3 years experience in construction is not experienced....sorry. But yeah you are right the guy been in construction for 2-3 years at $15/hr working his way up. Then a dude gets hired for same job description at $15/hr? .......yeah there gonna be some mad workers out there.
  16. 2-3 year is enough to have a handle on things and your not the lowest on the ladder anymore. Your not at the $30 mark yet but that’s when hitting the $15 mark is roughly at. You work at McDonald’s for 2-3 years you basically either a manager or the longest held employee who has failed to move up at that point so that’s not the norm as the job takes a few weeks to learn and the idea that they should make the same as that 2-3 years under the belt construction worker is absurd. As his knowledge is starting to become much harder to come by and training someone long enough to have that kinda knowledge takes time and money. After 2-3 years a Master electrician isn’t checking **** anymore he just trust his apprentice knows what he is doing at most he tells him what needs to be done with maybe a question here and there on a few things he has never done b4 or run into problems they have never encountered.