Sacred Fool

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  1. great quote !!
    it reminds me of Justin Timberlakes " What goes around , come's around " song . So many good motto's and quotes to inspire us.You should do a next thread listing some motivational motto's Guru Wolf !!
  2. lmfao roni! they'd prolly call it spam since I already have one post that talks about deeper understandings
  3. As per usual kasama the llama is here to spit on everything 
  4. oh thats all this forum is spit on.
  5. Woah let's add an ellipsis to make this comment a bit more irrelevant than it already is... :p
  6. I'm not even joking. All those big words and paragraphs confused me. i dont understand :( vaseline doesnt understand!!! help vaseline understand.
  7. Lay on floor.
    Assume fetal position.
    Try not to cry.
    Cry a lot. :cry:
  8. Look I wouldn't expect someone who's been playing for 3 years and has 140 posts to know who I am.

    I dont wanna brag but I'm kinda a big deal


    Anyway I'd like to thank my mom, the devs for making such a glorious game where everyone can have fun, oh and all the mods because without them... This pander thread would have been locked days ago.

  9. Everyone can keep talking trash in this thread... but as long as you do ill be in your nf... loved reading every word wolf.
  10. DJSnake tyvm!! much respect :)

    and Vaseline lol, read it again and ask yourself the question- who do u know that this seems to describe? they're already around you.

    And here's the kicker- there's gonna be folks that read this and realize... that's what they do!! Sacred Fool is a very honorable form of empath. Noone else can say if you have reached Heyoka or not. juz listen very closely, the spirit speaks softly
  11. Oooo I'm scared, I had more respect for LSA but now they support pervs?
  12. Rogue... You do not get to judge people like that. Just becuz DJ is smarter than u, and definitely more spiritually in tune, does not give you the right to attack their character so. It's remarkable really... you've hated yourself for 52 years now rogue, I imagine it is really hard to break that habit. However, it can be done. And quite frankly, it's gonna be a Sacred Fool that opens your eyes.

    So I wouldnt go judgin those who understand the meaning in those words. They the ones gon save you from yourself :/
  13. I more scared now (facepalm)
  14. Damn coming back with them really intellectual replies :cool:
  15. intellectualism? in a childs+ war game?, you got me!
  16. lmfao xo!! it's probably hard for him. I mean he can't even grasp the concept of Heyoka. which is fine, the one's who were meant to understand it, do.

    And those who do not or will not... Well, wisdom grows at it's own pace in us all. You can try and feed a duck as much as u want to get the duck to grow faster... but the duck will grow at it's on pace regardless, not ours lol
  17. By default, any empath suffers from other's scorn and distrust. That is what is truly disheartening about people. Lies are read as truth, and honesty is read as harmful and untrustworthy.
  18. Ravarx, that is exactly it!! You managed to put my post into a few sentences haha. I hope people read ur reply, especially if they are struggling to understand. ik my explanation is lengthy and very specific lol... Im just glad you and others do too! it gives us hope