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  1. Lupang Hinirang have not Joined. I recieved wrong information which i acted hastily on  it was me who brought Ad mortem in
  2. 7-wrath-7 for all those that I haven't told this to in your clan, you guys are worthless. You came in here hitting us. Why? I don't know. But we show you that we aren't a force to be reckon with an you back of and barely hit. But now your getting war wether you like it or not.
  3. War going good I enjoy what time I put into it gotta love playing the game
  4. Swabia wouldn't jump off a bridge if other people did. I'm not speaking for him but he joined this war cause he and his clan are allies with Knightmare! Official yet? No. But we are friends and good ones. You join this war and make it a 3v2 war. So ad mortem joins to make it some what even. So he does have a reason. Me and Swabs may have had our differences in the past but I respect him and I will stick up for him and his clan as he does for us!
  5. Dearest Makiso,

    Have you ever thought that you might be receiving wrong information?

    1. We did start with BL first, BL called for CF after a day, we (being very nice) obliged.
    2. We started warring CR. Knowing we have our hands tied in another war, Patty's balls magically dropped especially when 7wrath is backing them. I dont know what you call that, but in Patty's very own words, it's "lack of honour" and a dick move.

    And patty, tell your clanmates to get out of selfpin.
  6. @ WWESUPERSTAR please read up and look at legendarygr3yfox post he openly admits that the clan never joined the war it was a 2v2 ad mortem made it 2v3 because they was informed wrong information :roll:

    By the way im not pinned feel free to hit trinnie :lol:

    Peace out x :p
  7. Trinnie you're deadly in forums, still a noob but still deadly now shush and do what you do best under my table XD jk but hit more members and try not to fail so much, though I guess you are our pot burner lol
  8. Nice poem calm! Lol
  9. yes i admit i acted under a misleading statement, but when i was told LH allies have come to aid us, of course i thought it was the whole clan, In war we have to act quickly... And i have apologised to LH for this, on top of this, we have no where near the numbers you's have is it really that unfair? :p
  10. Trinnie - I thought we had gone past the sticks and stones stage yesterday - this OSW will be won by the best fighters with the best strategy and strong allies - and hey if that's sabotage/ knightmare and ad mortem I will be the first to say well done - but your continued lack of respect is tiresome - grow up and concentrate on the OSW as I'm sure your childish remarks will make you popular.
  11. I request a current member count in the war right now; GET YO LAZY ASS COUNTING 
  12. Knightmare and Sabo are way outnumber in this war not only by size in stats but my members. But we our holding our own and showing we're as good as any other war clan out there. I'm proud to say I'm a Knightmare admin and I'm warring alongside SABO!
  13. Hmm this is a pretty big war and i'd bet you that knightmare are having a tuff time in this one SABOTAGE and ad mortem i bet our doing the most wall knightmare struggling to pull there weight. They arent an the same group as ad mortem SABOTAGE and 7-WRATH-7. But thats just my two cents
  14. Trojan you fool post with your main or not at all
  15. @TheLastTrojan
    Before you talk **** about my clan, learn the facts dumb ass. A lil bit ago, Knightmare wasn't a war clan yet it took all of iG and there sub clans to restrain us. They even admitted we are a worthy appponent. We barely knew anything about war. We've grown. We've become more experienced. We warred Armageddon. Won. We warred Holy Vanguard. Mutual CF which HV called. We're small, yes. But we are a family. We have heart. We're just as good as any other clan out there.
  16. Lol i respect knightmare its just that they arent as good at warring as some of the others. I also know your timezone and that your a pretty fat 14 year old. :mrgreen:
  17. :p you actually have more members as of now, some of your members have also left :? can't really blame us for that, well you can :lol: but can always hit back

    Big league are a great bunch of people very friendly and always help out. There not that experienced in war but are butting up a good fight. There really isn't need for trash talk unless its funny. (Great poem by calm well thought out) other low blow comments though which are made out of anger aren't so take your angers and frustrations out on the member list please.

    Good luck to all in war ;) kaw would be boring without wars
  18. All respectable clans, good luck both sides.
  19. Some people have lives so they dont play 24/7 and arent HLBC :roll: