s5 Warriors

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  1. You were never in my bracket lmao.. Maybe once or twice you noob.. But I forgot tiash, Tats,
  2. Milky at the start of season I was in your bracket and kicked your ass.... MilkyWayHero was my tank alt
  3. You warred 3 times on that. 2 against one with. We won the one together n we went 1-1 against lol... I remember calling you fake milky
  4. Mmmhhh

    I have a frozen Milky Way bar in the freezer...
  5. Nah man you are the best, you go inactive first half of war and still manage to pull out a win for our side, truly one of the best!
  6. Honestly, empire_foxygirl was one of my favs to war with, she would track for almost every war.
  7. Her sdt was annoying as hell
  8. My turtles are da best
  9. Heyheyhey I ain't porsche *shhh*
  10. Nobody likes to war with me? *forever alone*
  11. -DoNotDisturb- have been disturb, now here am i. My real name as Known in my home clan Erec_Rex. Thank Tristen for ur kind and added me as your fav. warrior. Thank to all in my bracket, u r all awesome and cool peep. we all have fun, win or lose, angry with eb builds, with inactive and even stripped. This season i meet many good warriors war beside or against and 1 of wc i really my favourite and respect is Amish but it doesnt mean i dont respect other wcs just special to Amish. I tracked in war everytume i could and i enjoy it. here come to the end of season and it also my Ending Time with Kaw. im moving to retired and will stop Kawing when s5 end. old friends, new friends i have made in this past 4 years, thanks for helping and supported me in everything. Thanks to CSI,KoA,MHT, HGL, WarLoR, NWoCB, Minas Mourgul and My Last Home clan DotB. to let me be apart of u guys n gals. Enjoy Kawing,wish u all the Best.

  12. You always rocked Erec...U always kawed hard and u had always the eagerness to learn and adapt..I have always found u as a good wc and a great tracker...Always willing to help...Cheers brotha...I hate to say goodbye but I understand and wish u all the best...Keep rocking..
  13. Rr-immort2
  14. Also let's add biggest complainers and criers.


  15. Mav u are so kind. and thanks for ur help in everything that u have helped me.cheers bud
  16. Thx 4 support guys
  17. Ur too good to mention on this thread, the thread isn't worthy of your greatness dot
  18. My personal favorite would have to be MerlinsBeard, SlikkSlakka, Gabe(the ssh), and tox. Many fun times to be had with and against each other.
    Immort and tommi were also fun wc even if I never saw too much of them.
  19. Pff im the greatest in the world
  20. Nah, Sushi...by far way better than me. I'd hate to give myself kudo's when you were beating clans by over 10 bil each time. You truly are the best hands down!