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  1. Alrighty, with s5 coming to an end I was wondering who was the best of the best and medals shouldn't matter. I've got a few favorites in my bracket.:


    Donot/Devin would track or WC for the wars I was in often, they both did a great job in my eyes and made the difference in atleast 3 wars with both doing their roles in the war and be able to be a great warrior

    Nicko was always cool, always listened, easy to work with and a great warrior and I don't find that a lot, he too wc some wars if nobody else wanted too

    And Amish, he is undefeated this year miraculously. I was never in a roster with him u think but gotta respect that kinda thing here. He did wc a bunch in the season too and beat me several times:

    Just thought I would share of my top picks ;) thx for this long, and very time consuming season. Show me some good warriors post their names or links or such. Thanks.
  2. Dragonballzzzzz
  3. Hard to pick the best of the best cause we're all in different tiers. I've never heard of the players you mentioned, for example.

    I think we're all the best of the best.
  4. -Stephanie-

    Because she beat Tom twice
  5. Thx tristen 
  6. Lmao Valk. Tristen is a noob wc also. Idk why hed make a thread
  7. Amish for sure

    I want his babies
  8. Burnnnnnn
  9. You aint got time for babies, you need to complete that build!
  10. Aegis_Legion
  11. Thank you, Tristen

    Mad respect for donotdisturb, nicko, Devin and yourself. You all made it a fun and enjoyable season. Thanks to everyone who tracked so I didn't have to:)

    Nat1501- I'll see what I can do for you there. Ha!
  12. U forgot me!!! I'm a beast
  13. Aegis_Legion
    Pinkbunny (whatever his name is now)

    Best of the best
  14. #kezzer4bestplayerever lol jk

    great thread btw I will add more below when I get chance
  15. Best in my old bracket: Bloody, Lube, Elite/porsche, Jaq n nym, Mu. (I may have forgot a few but my opinion). everyone should put the best in their bracket to see who is best in each bracket
  16. I always go unnoticed 