Rooster inc.

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  1. What this guy said.
  3. Probably cause they didn't RSVP.
  4. !!ATTENTION! ! I am proud to announce that due to mooses addiction towards publicity, he is Now Perm Farm.Enjoy all who cares and all who doesn't. Lol.All hail Rooster Inc.!
  5. lol making someone a perm farm means you're going to be addicted to keeping him pinned?
  6. On this rooster clan page they claim to be in osw? Is this against another clan or have you decided that fighting one guy is an osw
  7. I always thought a perm was a hairstyle from the 80's.

    Rooters Inc. Have a hairstyle farm?

    That's gold! Cassawannabe has outdone himself.
  8. Actually moose is just a perm farm,and skinny,hush.stay dtw as are in an osw against 2 clans though since other person wanted to know.happy kawing.
  9. What clans?
    Also, Cap the first work of each sentence and space it from the period.
    So for example:
    ...Skinny, and Hush stay DTW as well, lol. We are in an OSW against 2 clans
    ...Wanted to know! Happy KaWing!
    Names are also cap'd.
  10. No one gives a shiz about grammar or spelling in KAW. So, bye
  11. They do.

  12. Stfu. I see you pounding away on my little acct...90% fails. This is the only time I will address you. Bring out your main if you want any love back from me. Otherwise, you're nothing more than an annoying fly
  13. Hahahahaaaaa!!!!This thread is awesome! !!ty moose for letting people watch you get beatin to a pulp...............Orange Juice.
  14. As much as I agree with you simba I do have to point out that it looks odd correcting someone when you have a typo in your comment.

    I would also like to know which clans
  15. Well yeah lol, I'm not going to spend 20mins out typing out an entire lesson and proof-reading every thing. Just simple things that make simple things more readable
  16. Dont know how to post it as gif but oh