Roni's stamp of approval

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  1. wait so ur salty? im well and truly confused now
  2. Clearly says selfie of Salty/Roni/xoxox, it's that simple. Can't you read properly?
  3. The moment you started backing Roni it was evidently clear to everyone else that you were confused. No need to tell is something we already know.

    Edit: Should have said moment you started backing yourself.
  4. Valky u did say i, roni an xoxox wore the same person u fool
  5. you said i AM roni though... and i back Roni when she is unfairly picked on, nothing more
  6. Whaaaat the hell??!?!?!?!? Lmaoooooooo
  7. These is a magnificent plot twist roni. Schokin an unexpected. Im intrigued as to where ill lid. Kerry on
  8. Not sure who's talking here, the alcohol or the drugs. I'll go with the latter. Yes you do entertain, you like to provoke people, start lies about them, then from there you keep building on top of these lies and eventually you screw up. At which point you change the topic in order to avoid the posts that call you out for being a liar.

    You lost this argument the moment you mentioned my name (albeit Valkerie isn't quite my name but for someone in your situation I'll let it slide).

    You continue to fabricate these lies about being in osw; naming my various accounts (5 of which you haven't found yet); lies about who said this that and the other. I'm glad I've started unraveling your lies and posting the relevant screenshots to show everyone watching this just the type of lying brat child you are. Hell, even xoxox is denouncing you in my PM's as I type this.
  9. "Interesting plot twist from Roni ... Intrigued as to where ill lead."

    Confirmation that Salty is Roni's alt.
  10. Dont you worry about me .As quick as i lose friend's i make them again .With these voices in my head i never get lonely.And you are so right .i have never ever been in any osw.Comparred to your rich resume of osw prowless.i am nothing in comparrison. Well apart from this one that i remember when i hit OneAttempt/SayMyName and ennett of Zaft Carnage while i was in Zaft corps/ ultra clan and it started a civil war within Zaft !!My great clan Zaft Corps/ultra clan all hit Zaft Carnage in my defence .And this is when i truely relised how lucky i am to be around such a great group of people.They showed the true meaning of what being a friend is and protect their clan members.Within a few days Zaft Corps and Ultra clan had dropped the Zaft name because they had enough of power tripping and my situation was the nail in the coffin which brought about Zaft Corps/Ultra clan dropping the Zaft tags and all connection linked witb Carnage. And this osw that i could be making up because you know me i am a known fibber who has never fighted in my kaw life was Zaft/Fury versus Apoc.i wasnt really there or was i ? I dont know fact from fiction .You need to ask that other osw badass Vamperous for the lowdown !!
  11. What did them voices say roni?
  12. If those voices start saying anything more sinister let us know okay. It's clear you are already struggling, don't imo you need some counseling.
  13. Oh it is?

    Then that confirm ur truly a chump
  14. tldr; kaw is full of some characters
  15. They tell me everyday that you're living is a new beginning and dont worry you'll survive on the kaw streets as you always have.As long as you've got your partner in crime SkinnyMinny to kickass with.Then i'll be just fine :)
  17. Any1 seen my car keys?
  18. ffs :lol: