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  1.  ally market? What? I'm an alt? No one told me I'm alt. I seen the ss it basically read "blah blah blah we wanna grow we are getting too much inc,we are noobs,k bye"
    Don't church it up I don't even have problem with the weak links leaving just funny the run a recruiting thread,good luck with your eb unlocks bby gurl 
  2. Support for genesis, it's a shame when people feel the need to trash other people's recruitment threads, some good people in this clan
  3. Support! We Are Rogue is an awesome family to be a part of!

  4. I love how anyone points out the facts on this thread is instantly labeled an "alt" "butthurt" "ego booster" "word waster"

    Sorry the truth hurts but don't claim to be OSW warriors when the facts point to something different
  5. Yes, good idea! Lock this post of lies please
  6. Anytime Jeremy talks i burst out laughing
  7. Its was easy to OSW zaft vs New Age, but when apoc join you make new clan.... Boasting OSW skills?
  9. Support to Genesis good peeps in this family

  10. Can you explain to me how you can trash something that is already trash?
  11. Co-d it's just a matter of time before you switch teams or sides you have never been loyal to anyone I can name a few clans and friends you left holding the bag don't think you haven't
  12. Oh really? 
    Please be my guest and name those clans I've "left holding the bag" I think I need to be enlightened
  13. Support always to you guys from me. Its an awesome group of people. You guys have been in some big wars with us and always stuck through. Everyone has theyre own reasons for leaving but ill never be one to judge. These guys do know how to fight and are hardened. If you wanna learn from some good peeps and have good leadership then my vote is with them. They are alot of fun and besides Jeremy is hot, who wouldnt wanna be in his clan ;)
  14. That's the problem co-d boy we were taught that we don't go trash talking others I do like you keeping my thread in active topics keep talking poo you keep us current and show Kaw your 3 year old behavior
  15. Jeremy Translator: "Really I'm just talking out my ass and have nothing to back up what I said"

  16. Great Respect for my friends at Genesis. I'm proud of you guys sticking to your beliefs. Great group of Kaw Players that put family and friends first and not wanna be bad asses
  17. Co-d translator : I am a boy that got beat up in school and I can play tough here
  18. No comment

    I have friend in this clan and few I don't like

    ️jerm I know you long time so support U only ️
  19. Agreed. Genesis doesn't deserve these frivolous remarks but they do deserve a fresh start. Support to Genesis
  20. [​IMG]

    Hey Jeremy want to help me with some of my bags? 
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