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  2. Thanks for your swift and immediate opinion Chubby Chaser, but im sure you can understand that this recruitment thread is aimed at people who would fit in with our Family. Uninformed people who cry "War-runners" or "soft eb clan" dont have much common sense, and are not what we are looking for. Full support to this thread, and the family
  3. Support! Great family clan and glad to be apart of it. Join now and you won't regret it

  4. I see what you did there SORS
  5. Well just a thought,it'd be nice if you guys could, you know, explain why you guys left Zaft Genesis and started a new genesis. Maybe gain more support that way too and redirect misguided people.
  6. Your opinion isn't based on the truth. I don't blame you, but if you have something left of honor, respect the comrades who fought beside you. You don't know anything of why we decided to leave, therefore you shouldn't be talking crap like most people do. You're not a noob from 1 year ago, you know better than that. Act like the seasoned player you are.

    Full support. 
  7. Full support to awesome family
  8. W.A.R......... Isn't that just a rip off from Warriors of the Ancient Realms?
  9. Did Zaft Genesis join the We Are Rogue family?
  10. Uninformed? what does information have to do with anything?

    Why don't you inform us why you are warrunners? tell us your excuses..

    Don't just say you don't know why. The reputation of your soft clan is at stake here lol

    There is no excuse to run, you chumps just couldn't handle a little inc. Im so embarrassed for you
  11. After years of being apart of the ZAFT family, and fighting in some of the largest OSWs KaW has seen, to say we "ran" because we are scared of inc is an extremely ignorant remark. We left because we felt we didn't fit in with ZAFT after some events occurred that we just could not look past. SS of our reasons were posted to ZAFT Leadership prior to us leaving, so they know why.

    We were told specifically to put the past behind us and that is exactly what we are attempting to do with this recruitment thread and a fresh start. Support to my Genesis family and new family within the ranks of We Are Rogue ️
  12. Support nice thread bro
  13. Support nice thread bro
  14. SUPPORT

    Great Leadership along with some awesome friends. Haters gonna hate. Let them run their mouths.


  15. So you "leave" right after the OSW starts and state that it is because you didn't fit in.

    I understand if OSW isn't a good fit for you, it isn't for everyone. Just don't start a clan and claim to be bad ass warriors after leaving Zaft right after OSW breaks out.

  16. Anyone reading this thread can see that chubby is just a alt that is butt hurt and has a big mouth your stupidity just keeps the thread current in active topics job well done for a dummy that probably started the osw then quit leaving us to fight your battles then came back like nothing ever happened thinking that everyone would just be ok with it
  17. The reason we left ZAFT was because the break in leadership the biggest reason is because a war was started over a reason that ZAFT was passionate about no hire hits and free alley market then with new leadership that rule changed genesis believes that if you want an alley you make it op so nobody wants it otherwise buy a new allie with the gold earned to be thrown into an osw because of something against what we protected for so long was not our style we have fought more osw than most in Kaw but for other reasons then a free alley market
  18. It goes farther than just not fitting in bud. In any case, any decisions we might've made in the past are none of your business. If you don't have your facts straight, you're just another useless waste of words on this thread.

    Move along and let us do our thing in peace. If you want answers, you can PM me and I'll gladly answer you, but don't you come in here trying to boost your ego by diminishing us. We fought a good war, we gave our enemies a huge headache, and we were proud of our family.

    Have a nice day. ️
  19. Lock this thread please
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