RIP -Sweetness- 

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  1. Rest in Peace,, lovly Sweet
  2. Also, you are account sharing if you got on that account to change banner
  3. Actually a lot of people would post it on an online game due to sweetness having friends on the game
  4. i talk to her a few times nice person sorry to hear thought go out :(
  5. It's always the best people that pass the youngest :S very sad news, i hope the family are strong enough to get through this with each other's affection and love, very tragic news, rest in peace
  6. Your breaking tou aswell omg your such a idiot :roll:
  7. My respect for you then; my prayers for you now. 
  8. For some reason i dont believe this. Sweetness has always been an attention seeker. If it is true, then my condolences. But i aint buying this
  9. RIP Sweetness

    Warred with her a few times
    Will be missed by many
  10. You have my condolences. I'm sorry about your loss.
  11. My deepest condolences. May -Sweetness- stay forever in our hearts.
  12. For all of you doubting the tragic events that occured yesterday and that are ignorant to the cause and constantly putting me down for the events and constantly showing criticism... Shame on you and I have no respect for you. It happened. And I would not lie about something so serious. So for all of you doubting it and ignorantly exploiting unnecessary bull crap... You have no respect and I would be ashamed to carry such an ignorant perseption towards this. I am torn apart over this and for you to pull blame on me for her death is really screwed up and I do not appreciate it... It may have been my fault... Could have been a lot of things....  thanks for your opinionated responces. Really exposes character
  13. Dark, people will be people and say and do some pretty messed up stuff. Don't sweat it. I miss Sweet as many do and all that matters is her family and friends and how they are coping with her death.

    . What a terrible loss 
  14. I dont know either of you, but from where Im standing, it looks like she will be missed. Many thoughts and prayers to her family and friends.

    please drive safely this weekend, guys. It can be over in the blink of an eye.
  15. Well if you're messaging her while she's driving, then yeah it's your fault for distracting her and causing the accident. Don't encourage texting and driving
  16. Might I remind people if this is true or not, to post comments like that is still not acceptable, I will start handing out bans. Also do not accuse others of account sharing, even if you have proof. That is between you and support.
  17. How did he break tou?
  18. According to who?
  19. Hoot that's like saying knife manufacturing cause people to get stabbed. Why not blame the phone company for selling her a phone. Condolences. People always wanna point the finger .as a matter of fact the technology exist to prevent texting and driving. . Rip
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