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  1. I hope this is a joke benny... that was like 2 years ago.
  2. With the new game coming out kaw is probably dead
  3. this game is a literal cash cow. not stupid money but dependable. KaW is going nowhere
  4. Saints n Sinners was the best clan in Gaw. Raven and Squeeze were awesome warriors
  5. Gaw was pretty over rated.
  6. It's been rapidly declining for a while, if they were interested in keeping this going long term then they wouldn't be getting the players that spend money on this game to try out another game... not many people have the time and resources to play and spend on multiple games, so Ima guess they're hoping for success with heck.

    Look at the way they've done it.. they're trying to be sly and build a bit of hype for it. Making it a "beta" makes it seem more exclusive, people are more likely to want to be a part of that. Same as rolling out links in waves. Admittedly that could be argued they're stress testing the servers... but that's doubtful as they have enough experience with servers from the current games they run and also know fully well that the game isn't going to be a huge Insta success.

    They're trying to build hype within this playerbase, they've even put "kingdoms" in the title of the game.. maybe in the hope it is viewed as a spiritual successor to kaw?

    There's ofc a chance I'm way off.. but that's just how it looks to me. I'm looking forward to trying out heck anyway and hope that it fills a much needed spot I have for a decent mobile game (That doesn't demand all of my money ) so yknow... take note of that last part ata.. because we all know how the business model works for them types of war games!
  7. For people that think KaW is going anywhere, even if they stop paying attention to it (they won't) it has at least 2 years left probably 3 before it gets shut down. A game running for 10 years is a darn long time that's nothing to get up in arms about.

    None the less, people are taking a new game as a signal that KaW will die like GaW and FC, um where is the logic there? Gaw and FC struggled to get a following like Kaw has established they were the new games that didn't last. That would mean the track record is that this new game is more likely to fail than KaW.

    TL;DR if you think this is the end of KaW you're nuts
  8. I'll second this to an extent. Out of the ATA games made after KaW, only two survive, and one is.. well we won't talk about that one that we all know and hate. Pretty sure it's there for the child killers, but that's beside the point.

    So basically they have 2 games that bring in good revenue, and one that brings in decent revenue. SMASH and KaW won't be going anywhere anytime soon MOST LIKELY. However, I will say that if this Heckfire game is better than KaW, I am 110% moving to there.

    It's really up to the devs. I feel they will keep this game going long enough to get the most revenue they can (that's not a shot to them, that's just me saying they are doing what a BUSINESS should do to an old and slowly dying product).


    Milk money, 3 games left, I will probably play Heckfire
  9. I think you're just deluding yourself because you don't want kaw to go anywhere. Kaw is definitely coming to an end. That doesn't mean in a month or 2.. but I'd be very surprised if it wasn't shut down in under 2 years time
  10. Im not sure if you played GaW and FC but there were times where you could feel like you were one of 100 players online at a given time. They kept the servers running like that for months. I actually stated in my previous message that I could see the game ending in 2-3 years but how the hell does that constitute dying? There's an incredible disparity between the players base of Kaw vs GaW/FC, the revenue streams of Kaw vs GaW/Fc and the investment made into Kaw vs GaW/FC.

    All three are huge reasons arguing against KaW going anywhere anytime soon. For this game to be shut down in under 2 years the game would have to be starting to die right about now and it's not
  11. Fun fact: I was the first person to post on GaW forums. The thread was named FC.
  12. Ding Ding Ding?