Riddle: What Am I?

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    I don't know. I wasn't there, man.
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    Piggybacking from Oreo's idea, the guy at the back says blue if there is an odd number of blues and red if there's an odd number of reds (meaning an even number of blues). If The second from the back sees an odd number of blues, he'll say red and everyone in front knows there is still an odd number of blues; however if he sees an even number of blues he says blue and everyone in front has to reverse the formula. The formula is reversed Everytime someone says blue until we get to the end.
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    Found from Google:

    The person at the back, lets call him person number 1, will agree that if he sees an odd number of red hats he calls out red, if he sees an even number of red hats he calls out blue. (Obviously any similar scheme would work, but we will use this one.) Unfortunately this means he has a 50% chance of survival but it guarantees everyone else's.
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    Take a selfie with your sweggy hat and remember
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    You guys cracked the case....WELL DONE!
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    100 people find themselves at the gates of ATA headquarters. Kenshi Arasaki tells them that they'll have a chance to go to heaven instead, but first they'll have to play a game.

    Kenshi Arasaki is going to line them all up in a straight queue, each person facing the back of the next person in line. The order of people in this line will be randomly chosen when the game starts.

    Eric Diep is going to put a red or blue hat on each person. Each hat can be red or blue at random. Nobody knows the color their hat will be before the game starts.

    Each person will be able to see the hat of everyone in front of them, but won't be able to see the hats of anyone behind them. Everyone can hear everyone else.

    Kenshi Arasaki will then then ask each person the color of their hat, starting at the back of the line and moving forward. Each person must just say "red" or "blue", without any extra intonation.

    People cannot communicate at all beyond merely saying the word "red" or "blue". If a person correctly says the color of their own hat, then they will be sent to heaven -- if they get the color wrong they stay in ATA headquarters, and will rot in the Halls of Support for all of eternity, answering email after email after email after email....

    Before the game starts, the people are allowed to come up with a strategy to save as many people as possible.

    OmegaLSA proposes that every other person says the color of the hat of the person in front of them, and then the people in between repeat that color to save themselves. "That will save a guaranteed 50 people, and will probably save around 75," he says.

    "No," Bellemorte says. "I've got a plan that is guaranteed to save 99 of us, maybe all of us."
    What is Bellemorte's plan?


    Bellemorte came up with the following strategy:

    The first person to answer (the last person in line) will count the number of red hats in front of him. If there's a even number, he'll say "red", otherwise, he'll say "blue." This first answerer is not guaranteed to be saved, but has a 50% chance.

    The next person in line can then count the number of red hats in front of him. If he sees an even number, then his own hat must be blue (since the last person also saw an even number). If he sees an odd number, his hat must be red. So he then says his own hat color.
    Now the NEXT person in line counts the number of red hats in front of him. Given whether the first person saw an even or odd number of red hats, combined with the knowledge of the second person's hat being red or blue, he can figure out if there should be an even or odd number of hats among himself and all of the people in front of him. Based on his count of the number of red hats in front of him, he can then figure out if his own hat is red or blue.

    This follows the same structure all the way to the front of the line: based on the odd or even count of all the hats excluding the first answerer, combined with the answers of all the people before, each person can then count the number of red hats in front of them and figure out what color their own hat is.
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    Everyone says purple.
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    The person in the back says the first persons color. The 99th says the 2nd, 98th the 3rd and so on, untill the 50th person guesses. Then, the 50th person guesses his own, and from there on the people know what there hats are. For numbers 50 to 100, there is a 50 percent chance they will be right, so about 25 of them will be saved. The numbers 1 to 49 know their hat color, so they will be saved. About 74 people will be saved.
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    The question in the riddle was to find out the strategy that would definitely save 99 people and maybe all of them
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    Of course the strategy depends on the rational nature of the participants.

    After reading some of the foaming at the mouth lunatics that roam some of the KaW forums, I do not think we could count on rationality
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    The Strategy: Before The Game Tell All People That If You Wisper Your Answer Then The Color Before You Is Red And If You Yell Your Answer The Color Before You Is Blue. The Person At The Back Must Guess Their Color But Either Wispers Or Yells The Color Based On The Hat On The Person In Front Of Them.
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    New riddle.
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    Put all the weights on. And remove as needed. If you go under weight. Add a heavier and remove the other. So on so forth till you have it balanced. Then (presuming there are numbers on the side to indicate weight) go by that
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    If I were to take an absolute shot in the dark i would pick 40,10,5,1

    Edit: I looked it up out of curiosity and I was WAY off. Well I got one of my numbers right.
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    1, 3, 9, 27
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    No I did not cheat... I'm just good at math
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    Yes this is correct but do you know why? I know why because I have answered this in the past before but do you know without Google?
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    Put 1 pound weight on left side, 3 pound weight on right side, you now have two pounds

    Put them both on one side your have 4

    Put both on one side and 9 on the other, you now have 5... Etc etc etc
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    Kezzar how would you get 34/35?
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    Unless you are allowed add weights to the ball.