rewards for WC and Tracker in EE

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  1. So with new rewards and chests coming out in EE now it's starting to bother me that as a WC and my friends as trackers are having trouble getting the extra rewards. We take the time to set up our tracker and strategy for the hour before war. Then during war we are busy spamming cc so much that we end up with slightly lower actions/kos/plunder than other builds. I like winning so I WC fairly often.( not saying I'm awesome... Just saying I do it). The problem is I lose out on extra medals and crux chests because I'm busy in cc instead of spamming targets.
    Devs please help to fix this. Create a WC and Tracker Color spell in alchemist to point out the effort we do and maybe throw us a bone for a winning war. I'm not asking for more than anyone else would get for doing a great job in war but a reward would get people to want to learn to do this job. Plus give us a little compensation for the effort we put into every war. Thanks for listening and your support in advance 
  2. Could take this one step further and have a tracker and war commander spell you have to cast before war so devs could put one of each on each team and know who is actually doing it ahead of time for war and make rewards for those people easier to disburse. If more than one on each team after matchup clan can decide who they want and have a cancel spell for wl and tracker
  3. No support

    Lack of effort. No colors. What the hell?!!
  4. Support I track some wars and it's hard to concentrate on plundering sitting on targets while posting in cc support
  5. No support. Rewards for actions, not for planning
  6. Support. I appreciate all the wc and trackers. Can't win without them. Extra time and stress goes with that position. Only right to give them extra rewards for their time. Ty war commander and trackers. Hope u finally get more than a Ty or trash talk
  7. Full support
  8. Support the wc and gravies put in twice has much time as everyone else with very few benefits
  9. Volunteers don't get paid...
    WC and TK often volunteer to do it.
  10. So what if we volunteer. The extra effort deserves extra rewards if we are good enough to win the war. Those that don't support have obviously never tried to do it
  11. Only problem is how to implement

    You dun want it as a spell anyone can cast

    I wish it was something like a spell an admin could cast upon the wc and trackers. And ud need another admin to cast to confirm this.
  12. I have actually been WC before. Nice assumption though
  13. Except random noobs would cast this spell and not actually be WC/Tracker.
  14. Good idea Tiger. The admin can allocate is best idea. Then have another admin confirm
  15. Rewards for WC and tracker always mentioned by Kawmunity and guess what devs don't listen so stop trying, but yea I would like rewards as a WC feeding people wins.
  16. Then everyone would cast the wc/tracker spell right away. Didn't think that through.
    No support.