Returning player: Is it worth it?

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  1. I'm a returning player, and as I started rebuilding my kingdom, I wondered: Is KaW worth playing anymore? I mean, is it worth the struggle of rebuilding? Hardly all clan ads want 100 mil cs or 200 mil cs (gave a quick look on wc)

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  3. If everyone jumped off a bridge would you?

    You guys always quit, and sneak back

    If you have to ask, this isn't for you

    Play of you want, don't if you don't
  4. I've recently come back...I see what you're saying as I'm frantically trying to get to 100mcs just to be considered at a "decent" clan now. Or just to hit regular well paying stuff...I see the Devs certainly making an effort with legends and rewards are cool but after being away for years and coming back I see the same old problems haven't changed really. And I guess we should stop expecting them to. Kaw is kaw with or without us as we saw from leaving and coming back. Idk honestly thinking about freelancing a piece to Vice about the freakish little tap tap universe that this game is, lol.
  5. it is worth it. I questioned it myself should i start over when my phone broke a month ago. But i am glad i did because although you still get the taunts of noob account.Soon things pick up for you and you've got some decent stats and equipment again .
  6. Started playing in 2010. Quit around early 2013. Came back just over a year ago with this new account initially posing as a new player, and it has gone well. I skipped around a few noob clans, then eventually found my home in my current clan. My stats are a year of playing almost entirely f2p personally, with some premium battles from generous clanmates. Never done an hte clan or zta train or whatnot.

    So yes, possible to come back and enjoy the game after a long leave. But it does take work and probably a bit of luck.
  7. If you have friends around, sure it might be worth it to continue playing even just to talk to people. But if you're just here to grow an account, you'll never be satisfied. It's not too tough to get to 100mcs with all the events, but you will literally have to start spending or mooching if you want to go beyond low level osman rai buildings in any reasonable amount of time. Unless you don't care how long it takes to play free and/or have a bunch of friends around to make the process interesting and fun, I wouldn't bother.
  8. Not all about stats don't listen to these noobs.
  9. It's easy to get 200mcs stats and decent equip after a few events these days. The game is more forgiving for returning players now than it ever has been imo.
  10. Thanks to everyone for their replies. I've thought about it and to be honest, I'm not here for friends. :lol: So I'm just going to go now. :)
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