Return of the Dark One

Discussion in 'Events' started by [ATA]Lirael, Jun 19, 2019.

  1. Some people like me won't spend money on a game
  2. Oh ya ur the homeless guy i was talking about
  3. This eb series seems to be inspired from Game of Thrones 
  4. Any word on when we will be able to purchase crest plates from the store again. There seems to be a "Test" one in there now.
  5. Sorry, we are still working on it. We thought we had the issue fixed but there were further issues with it, so we're back to testing for now. Thank you for your patience!

  6. Pull ur fingers out then, can’t be that difficult
  7. Do you work with code?
  8. All side legends done...when does dais drop?
  9. And all levels of The Dark One completed...?
  10. Complete the "diabolical in under 30min" legend for the dais. It is the final tier of the khal khor legends.
  11. As I mentioned earlier, all legends are completed but thanks Thrawn!
  12. Devs on July 4th please add crux chest for special deal thanks.