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  1. Nothing important, all you need to know is that this game is progressively getting worse and worse and is rapidly beginning to die.
  2. Why on earth do people seek to kill the very game that they play daily? It really is a special kind of stupid.

    OP, kaw is more or less the same. There is however an almost constant rotation of eb and pvp events that you can choose to engage with or not. The social side, epic battles, wars, osw pvp etc is pretty much the same.

    You'll have probably noticed that there is a new set of lands. They are...expensive lol.
  3. Nuff said
  4. BENJI!!! You're still alive haha!

    Thanks Lol_ - The events seem alright - The devs look to have taken time to implement them fairly and easily accessible by most sizes. Does seem to be a very repetitive game given multiple events are lasting for days

    Its interesting to notice how far the game has changed within a year - devs have been busy
  5. B! 
  6. There's nothing wrong with the events themselves, they are actually really well designed. The problem is that they are far to frequent and each one is essentially a re-skin of the exact same idea.

    Its pointless getting excited about an event when you know marginally better equip will be made available in the next one in a few weeks time.

    Someone more mathematically inclined than me may be able to tell us what difference a 1.5m cs bump in bfe actually means in real terms compared to your bfa and actual cs too. Bet its marginal at best!
  7. OMGGGGGG B!!!!!
    I'M SO EXCITED!!!!

    EDIT: Sorry I just saw your post clicked and hit reply without reading xD. But honestly the game itself may not be one you'd like to return to;however, all your friends have missed you ^_^.