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  1. LOL! Kaw retirement home. The mods can be our care takers. Moose can be in charge of sponge baths. Those hooves make him a natural fit for the roll. <=}
  2. Like a butler moose running around with a sponge ready to buttle you
  3. I like being in Aztec and clan A family. Pretty much i stay because of my friends
  4. I stay because I'd like to be one of the last players around. And all the people I've met here. I also have hope that after my build is to my liking I can find a good clan to accept me.
  5. I joined the kings family clan years ago when it was b2b NQ so I could drop pots for hours on end making more gold for faster growth. Kaw for me in the early stages was about how big i could grow in how little amount of time.

    Well years later I realized that there are always going to be your chongos, cellas, and redstars out there with deeper pockets and more xtall money than me. Honesty the principle of the game is dumb I would had quit years ago had it not been for those around me.

    Hell i have been stripped naked pinned for days and just chilled in cc talking to those I have come to become great friends with, probably having more fun than ever. Smacking ebs, EE, and osw get boring tedious and a chore, so clearly that's not what's keeping the older crowd. The people that I have chose to surround myself with are the only reason I'm still here.
  6. Damascus, Amazing thread it did get me thinking of y I came back from retirement.. And I think I really enjoy the aspect of meeting new people and the unique way they act!

    I also do love the OSW/PvP aspect and is the or main reason I choose to stay
  7. I like clan chat and forums on this game. It's easy to post and chat on here compared to other games.
  8. The Social aspect kept me playing, came close to quitting many times due to EB boredom but thought laughs I had with my "cyber" friends kepte going, now I'm learning new things in my new home I'm enjoying kaw again and I'm sure this will continue!!

    Congrats to the OP for actually creating an interesting thread 
  9. I keep on playing because of the fantastic and supportive friends I've made.

    I couldn't ask for a more kind and complimentary group of friends.





    It's these kind of great people that keep me playing for sure.
  10. I play because it's like any other hobby. When your in your house with nothing to do, most people play on their Xbox or PS, I play KaW to pass the time.
    KaW is also very easy to play on mobile. You can be doing anything while playing KaW. I rarely ever am sitting there in a silent dark room playing.. ill always be doing something at the same time.
  11. Hmm... Interesting how almost everyone gives the same reason for not leaving; friends. The devs built this game around society. If anyone thinks kaw is dying because of game play issue, then they don't understand what is at the core of this game.
  12. Good posts OP and Willy. I still play only because of my friends here and cause fuz won't let me quit .

    But...and here's the big difference now...I rarely ever spend money on the game now. Use to regularly buy xtals, sometimes bought nobs, bought all propacks.

    Social aspect keeps me here but game has changed and lots of old timers left and sometimes I feel like the old fart on my porch with a shotgun yelling at the neighborhood kids to get off my lawn more than I feel like an active member of the community.

    I miss warring. Miss it a lot. And I'm just not willing to change my build and the cost it entails to become the flavor of the day build. Gh had their day. Now sh get glory. But I've been around long enough to see these things happen before. Almost every build has had its moment in the sun and I'm not willing to keep chasing the hot new thing on Kaw cause tomorrow it will be something new. So for now I come chat with friends. Hit eb mindlessly. Sometimes farm but usually to help out a friend or two now. I think Kaw has changed and I know I have also changed so Kaw isn't totally to "blame".

    Sure do love the people I've met here...I've made some lifelong friends through this game. Wouldn't trade them for anything. And for that, I have this game to thank.
  13. Brainwashing.