Retired EE Warriors

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  1. u jelly
  2. It's funny how trolls think they're funny
  3. I thought u were actually talking to yourself
  4. I retire from ee after ever war. Then make a comeback every 13 days.
  5. That's not retirement, it's called the army reserve.
  6. Download the app imgur. Not the official one but the one that's used for only uploading. Or whatever you like best. You can use the original but personally it's difficult to use and hard to access uploaded images. Well from the last time I used it lol. Anyways yea use it, upload your ss, copy the img url, then bam you know the rest.
  7. Alright thanks good to hear some help from a non troll lol especially on forums
  8. Except you made the choice to go back. You weren't voluntold lol.
  9. Sparda my friend. Reset and Quit.

    Oops. He is still there. Jst found him.
  10. What was his full username?
  11. /lock

    Thread isn't going as planned lol
  12. Inb4lock :lol: and i was not a great ee warrior but still I retired so I should be part of this thread
  13. InB4Lock
  14. Sin the stupid troll 
  15. :( nope
  16. Lool still no lock!! Its been hours, we could do with more mods! :(