Rest in Pieces. A good piece of my life has been broken...

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  1. Not the bong :(
  2. Rest in Bongs.
    May Mrs Bong never be forgotten...
  3. Dear OP,

    It saddens me to see yet another great human being passed away. Whether it's a best friend, or a friend, or even just a stranger it's still pains me whenever one fades away out of life. As such, I will give my sincere prayers to you by writing you a poem.

    When you're with your loved one
    It will, and always remain there
    Even if he/she passed away
    For there were so many memories
    Many great memories
    That you could not forget

    Even though if the clouds weren't right
    The loved one still beckons you and cares for you

    Not a day will go by
    That you would not think of him/her
    And life will turn out to be entirely different
    Now that your loved one passed away

    When you look back memories
    And play with things that he/she has given you
    You will feel his/her scent
    And the next thing you know
    You may start crying with tears
    Even wishing to see him/her once again.

    For love is such a beautiful pain.

    Rest in Peace, loved one. May you will be remembered by OP and his/her close friends forever.
  4. I dont know if hes trolling me or didnt read it entirely 
  5. RIP. Here is a wrap to commemorate your loved one,

    One day, I was usin' my bong
    Shaboom, shaboom
    When I looked down n knew somethin' was wrong
    'Cause in my bong, there was a crack
    n' I knew there was no goin' back
    to the way thing were.
    Shaboom, shaboom.
    So now, I am singin' a song
    about my beautiful bong.
    Woot woot woot!
  6. Clearly someone who has no life
  7. So many pot heads. I can't handle the level of stupidity
  8. wut r u callin me bruh?

  9. I am actually a fully functioning member of society, that has a family that I am able to more than well take care of. I smoke for medicinal purposes due to injuries and ptsd from fighting a war. My Bong being broken is not something that mere dolts like yourself should laugh at. When your playmate doll pops because you puncture it with excitement and you are devestated, I wouldnt talk smack like you, you slimy worm. HOW DARE YOU! Talk to your father like that. :eek:
  10. Pure and utter blasphemy 
  11. If I laughed, you would've known through a simple bbcode. Your PTSD is treatable through ACTUAL meds and psychiatrists (which I'm assuming you can afford because you "more than can take care of your family"). Your injuries are also treated with ACTUAL meds, such as painkillers (take your pick of a specific painkiller)

    Sounds like you're just looking for a reason to be stupid and get high. Don't bring real life into a tap tap game if you don't want to be made stupid
  12. That is where you were mistaken. I was on like 10 diff meds including pain pills. It was destroying me so i switched. Besides, this is a rest in pieces post about my beloved Bong :/ Your insults are not wanted. People like you are why some people can never get better. You trash what you have no information on, and your probably a sheltered individual. Because half the country has legalized it for medicinal purposes. But a half-wit like you probably will just say everyone just wants an excuse to get stoned. CBD is proven to sooth and calm people with cancer, anxiety, pain and that have gone through a traumatic event. I used to think the same way as you did. But I was incorrect.

    So "There there Monster, it is okay."
  13. If he was just "looking for a reason to be stupid and get high" wouldn't he go ahead and add the pain killers into the mix? lol
  14. Thank you Jesus you are so all knowing. I havent taken pain killers in months and i feel alot better  but now depressed as a huge hole is now in my heart due to the loss of this precious piece
  15. I'm pretty sure half the country hasn't legalized it, so please get your facts straight. Don't exaggerate in a debate.

    Another thing, I have PLENTY OF information to go off of, and anyone I know can attest to the fact that I am not a "sheltered individual"

    Lastly, I like how you didn't reply about the psychiatrists, you only replied to the part you could make an argument for. Obviously they didn't have you on the correct meds, and you could've gotten them changed
  16. Oh boy, what works for some doesnt work for all. And i dont know if your aware but those meds make you gain weight, deplete your testosterone(pain killers for a prolonged time), and make it hard to be motivated. Your a paper pusher and dont have experience, obviously. But if i am wrong, my apologies. But your criticism highly suggests your meds arent working for you either, or you have no experience. (Which im happy for you if thisnis the case)
  17. But really the argument is pointless, as you cannot understand. I am sad about my Bong, you dont see me making fun of you when your walker breaks or your dentures fall out of your mouth
  18. Lmao this guy is obviously a 15 year old home schooled, sheltered child. Because an individual smokes weed they aren't intelligent? Bud Ive personally met professors with masters degrees, doctors, lawyers and dozens of individuals who I can guarantee you, or more intelligent than you can ever hope to be. And they all smoke weed. So get the hell out of your sheltered mind set. You don't have to smoke weed, or like the idea of it. But if you think that it makes those that do less intelligent, you're a complete idiot.
  19. I wouldn't really call it a debate. More of disrespectful, hostile intrusion of a memorial. RIP Mrs. Bong