Responses on Your Voice

Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by Titan_God, Jun 25, 2015.

  1. I do believe it is in my right to post how ever I please as long as I'm in terms with the ToU/RoC.

    We aren't debating, just giving opinions. And I can criticize if I like.
  2. AJ, you're a VK. Give us your opinion, it carries weight. The forum is a place to talk, and to debate. Especially in this situation, player feedback is needed.
  3. Lol his does actually sum
    It all up. Well at least you tried Titan can't ask more than that
  4. I normally shy away from posting my opinions on in game things due to the amount of trolling that follows. (As evident over the past few days.)

    I'd rather email in.

    Anyway. This convo is off topic.
  5. Actually you don't shy away at all when it's something that can be twisted as positive. This is funny.
  6. What on earth are you on about Mrbrownnosed ? Your the most brown nosed vk I have ever seen on forums perhaps it is time you actually said what you thought instead of trying to lick the star fish, This is not just me with this thinking either it is pretty much universal and widespread.
  7. So any other opinions from someone not afraid to voice theirs?
  8. I voiced mine, both negative and positive and I get nothing but grief so no wonder people don't want to post.
  9. Kezzer, you're like Sean. Even when stating something negative, you sound upbeat, and optimistic 
  10. Well at least you stick to it and give your thoughts. I can respect that a hell of a lot more than a vk that comes in blowing other people's off with comments like emotional.
  11. Welp, those responses couldnt be more worthless, thanks devs 
  12. I didn't know one sentence can have the impact of a book. I didn't even put a name on it.
  13. I try to be positive about something if I can but honestly I just post my honest opinion. I don't look purely for negatives like some people and again I don't look for purely positives. If I don't like something I will say and vice-versa. The devs avoided a lot of what we asked but some positive responses and changes happened whether they have happened yet or are being looked into is besides the point. I just want people to understand that fixing this many issues will take time.
  14. This is just a load of bollix excuses for complaints. Your not changing hit ranges so people can find targets in the battle list what a joke, at this stage I can hit 90% of the people in the game.
  15. I understand and see the frustration. Doesn't mean you give up cause soon as you do then you truly lost the battle.
  17. You don't get it tho kezzer, it's not like they said 'we will fix that gap (or all the other issues) when we aren't so busy' they blew it off and said meh it doesn't need fixing. It wasn't an eventually response it was a maybe we will fix the ally market someday but that's about it everything else- not a chance. Move on, nothing to see here.
  18. Realistically they can't fix the ally market. Inflation was going to happen over time especially with this much growth. Hit ranges need fixing and I agree they avoided that one especially after it was our main concern. I just think people aren't seeing that we got at least something out of this. We just need to keep fighting for change as Titan has said.
  19. Guys don't focus here. Focus over there on the shiney new event with the shiney rewards!