Resolutions of War

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Dec 30, 2016.

  1. When can we received 10 pcs of Arrows as we have done 2 days Resolutions of war , ty
  2. Where the heck are achievements at devs?! Achievements are crucial especially in the ally market. Plus Id like an achievement for the PvP events including war can you kindly explain why achievements are taken out the past event as well as this one? Its senseless why of all things would you remove achievements.
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  4. Am I the only one that's gotten nothing but 120 pelts from boxes opened with nobs? I've opened 10 so far, only pelts. Usually have much better luck...
  6. I havent received any arrows
  7. No arrows here guys come on I want to send friendly messages
  8. Nobody gives a rats ass about what it looks like. copy paste the last achievement IDC I want someway of knowing what others have achieved as well as PvP achievements for myself.
  9. You're saying one needs 1/2 the items... BUT, if clan is/was doing all HTE/ROTWB/& ZTA, all of those dropped both so no reduction in of ebs yet dbl the items! Poor poor excuse. Also SB reduction makes less worthwhile to spend $...good luck/No support!
  10. They drop double dumbass...
    Max drops on zta is 764 atm, whereas usually its ~370/380
  11. The reduction of sb is a joke.
  12. People will complain about anything while making this kind of gold from doing basically nothing
  13. Opened a chest and didn't get my arrows of intent, and for that matter haven't been receiving them for each day I've logged in, guess another rip off, I want my chest back
  14. I know you guys deleted my comments. Email me face to face again i want to talk. Reasons why people think you dont gaf anout us
  15. y u keep spending monies then?
  16. Why do the Valorous Chests expire on the 5th when the event ends on the 6th?
  17. Why is there no achievements for this??? I'm gonna get top 100 for once and no achieve to show for it

    Thanks noob ata
  18. The same eq for 25k tier & top 500 in wars, why?
  19. Nice to see someone is doing their job correctly..... we have to remember as a community they are apes and can't be expected to know how to add correctly....