Requesting cf

Discussion in 'Wars' started by VeriVenomous, Nov 27, 2017.

  1. I am asking for a cf from the clan Strange Magic and I do apologize for all the drama I caused. I'm asking for forgiveness from Goddess of Love as I called her horrible names and disrespected her. I also request a cf from Invictus and Zaft as I'm no longer in Apoc. I also apologize to Sekhmet, Irish_Monster and McAulish, very sorry for everything.
  2. CF granted
  3. Just quit venom, you have failed at kaw. There is one thing you don’t do, and you just did it. You have found the only way someone can lose at this phone app.
  4. Cf............granted.
  5. Seriously THIS ...have you no dignity? :|
  6. CF Denied, not sincere
  7. Lmao that clan is weak I’d destroy them on my own fym
  8. Lol, cf threads are still a thing around here? Wow!
  9. Might’ve been quicker to name the ppl you don’t cf to
  10. Proud of you venom. Accept defeat to your superiors and move on.
  11. Lol what is this clan

    Bruh just quit kaw now
  12. Seriously who is strange magic?
  14. Oh come on! Don't you just radio silence on me now! I want moore!
  15. Havent seen a cf thread since gaw days
  16. -Venom-, weren’t you being a noob in KOTFeb recently? I seem to remember your big mouth needing smacked, so someone does it and you give up that fast?

    Hahahaha awesome. Way to shine like a fresh turd in the snow.

  17. Cf not granted ...drop build and start over