request for kofte cf on RL

Discussion in 'Wars' started by RL-pkchosen-RL, Aug 6, 2014.

  1. As owner of RL I want to formally apologize for my clan not respecting a 1v1 and ganging up on a member of kofte..there is no excuse and I apologize sincerely...
  2. You ganged up on kotfe?! :lol: :lol:
  3. Like what the actual **** mate lol
  4. Op is clan less?
  5. Apology accepted, all kotfe please CF on RL. We wish you and your clan all the best and hope those few members learned that gang banging is never good idea.
  6. Do as they say, not as they do
  7. Support to our brothers and sisters in KotFE. Respect 
  8. Support to my noob brother westiee in warlor!
  9. If you need protection from kotfe, i can help
  10. Smack just like you said you were going to have zaft attack us?
  11. Ok, noob cakes cow ️, I'll just drink and wait for your noob tears or inc.
  12. I never said that ever idiot... show SS.... can you? I think not
  13. Some gang bangs are good
  14. Oh sorry you asked if southernsweetie would negotiate your cf with zaft. Pretty sure you are trying to say you had zaft on your side
  15. Cow can I ask how you plan on 'defending' people from kotfe? You going to keep walls entertaining or you just gonna keep talking on forums n do nothing about it?
  16. Respect to kotfe. Formidable opponents and knowledgable. I had fun while doing osw with you guys.
  17. All kotfe stay off thread, don't worry about cow he all moooo n no bite