Republic vs Democracy

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  1. Do you know why we have an electoral college?
  2. I like how you're getting triggered and reporting every single comment..
  3. If America was a masterpiece then 600,000 "white men" wouldn't have gone to war over human rights in the first place.

    Don't mistake what I'm saying as saying that America is terrible today because of its past. I'm saying that rather than moving away from an ideal society, we have been moving toward it, which is the exact opposite of the idea that America has been exponentially devolving since its inception.
  4. Black Men went to war over human rights during the civil war also. :)
  5. I fear the upcoming generation. The electoral college will not be removed in this generation, but once their is no one left from the past generation or two to fill the roles of government...who knows where the next generation is going to take this country...
  6. I can tell by the comments

    No one is reading the training manual provided in the link of the original post

    That being said here are some quotes from it in no particular order or context

    The cosmopolitan character of the population of America emphasizes the burden which rests upon every citizen to become fully informed in the underlying principles and ideals of our republican form of Government.

    self-determination emphasizes the ideas and ideals of human rights and human associations. In the fulfillment of this policy she opened wide her gates to the peoples of the earth, inviting them to share with her the blessings of liberty.

    The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution nor prohibited by it to the States are reserved to the States, respectively, or to the people. — Amendments to Constitution, Article X.

    134. Dangers to representative government. —
    Whenever the republican form of
    government has not achieved success the difficulty has not been with the system but with its faulty application.

    Several dangerous experiments have been proposed, such as the initiative, referendum, recall, and the election of judges. Departures from constitutional principles threaten to impair the efficiency of our representative form of government, and if continued, will ultimately destroy it.

    "America for all, and all for America."

    Multiplicity of laws. —
    The modern tendency of government is to create innumerable laws as corrective or restrictive measures; appointment of special officers for their enforcement, with the consequent restriction of State, community, and personal rights, without regard to the fact that the majority is unprepared or not willing to accept or respond to the restrictions imposed.

    Relief from encroachment upon the rights of the people will come when each citizen better learns the art of self-government and exercises his right of franchise.
  7. Could you pick a less stupid color. Quoting this worse than reading through murky water.
  8. Stay on topic dude, read the content, read the manual - it's incredible

    The color is fine, khaki looks good
  9. America needs a dictatorship, make sure to back me up militarily and I will get rid of all of these hippie art major Starbucks drinking Islamic loving snowflakes.

    Where other men blindly
    follow the truth,
    Remember, nothing is true
    Where other men are limited
    by morality or law,
    Remember, everything is permitted.
  10. Kudos for the most intelligent forum thread I've seen posted!

    Ignoring the troll posts above, I thank you for the refresher.
  11. yaaay fuzzy got something right for once (giggle)
  12. I'm glad you enjoyed it, I feel like we can't protect our Republic if everyone is thinking we have a Democracy

    Our public servants think they are leaders and that's very dangerous to our rights and our future

    There are rumors (from an fbi informant) several dozen warrants (70) are about to be signed with (high office) officials named for doing unspeakable things, we are just waiting for Sessions to be confirmed

    They say Billy Clinton is singing like a canary to try and save his own neck and so is El Chapo