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  1. Saber: I can make my threads so that folks can discuss cheating by a player. It's really outrageous that you closed my thread. Kindly don't do it again. I have emailed the dev team and you can chat with them if you'd like, but don't close my threads unless I'm violating TOU. I can tell you that I'm on pretty solid ground that I'm not accusing someone falsely of cheating. Since it bound to happen again, I want a thread out there for folks to talk about it.

    So, once again this thread is about the war that took place between Red Knights 2 and Fearless Raiders wherein a player warred with 3 accounts and opened up his OSF to Fearless Raiders.
  2. Man, you're fast at making a new thread.
  3. I'm fairly sure publicly accusing a player of cheating is against TOU. I'll check, of course, but I fully expect to come back and find this locked.
  4. Thanks. If it was a one time event, I would be fine. Stuff happens. We were warned that this player had done this in prior wars. In other words, this particular player is deliberately ruining war experiences on a repeated basis.

    If the devs would allow for us to pin our own side as we could once upon a time or to kick leaks, then you could say it's part of the process. But an OSF being opened in the final minutes of a one hour war where the other side simply crystals on it is unstoppable as far as I know. Maybe someone has an idea on how to address it, but I don't.
  5. Falsely accusing someone of cheating maybe, but the truth is what it is. Besides, where is that particular player's name in any of my posts?
  6. True or not you can't ambiguously accuse anyone of cheating.
  7. I am curious.. did the whole team hit the OSF?.. if they did, they condoned the cheating, especially if it was a known fact that this person would do it. Since indi's are random teams I wonder how they would feel if they were on your side for that war.
  8. I also see that the accused was viewing your thread that was locked as well as currently viewing this one as well....
  9. You really not letting this one go. Just forget about it.
  10. But I did.
  11. It's one war for heavens sake. You sent it into devs. Let it be. Not like there aren't 24 more wars this season. If you aren't close to your goal by now you kinda screwed around with your time. Is the end of the season. Less people are warring. Move on...
  12. I'll move on when I feel like moving on. That's the way I roll.
  13. Op has a right too voice his experience.
  14. I was unfortunately at the losing end of that war. We were leading 10b till last 12mins when the ps on our team (alt of opponent) purposely opened up. So we ended up losing 60b lol.

    This kind of tactic has discouraged a lot of good warriors from warring. Sadly, kaw_comm/devs aren't doing anything about it.

    Suggestion has been made to disable dropping allies during war but hasn't been implemented. So solution could probably come from those warring themselves by not plundering on the ps? 
  15. Why did you lock the first thread Saber? Op was just voicing an opinion and discussing it to the kawmunity so that we could at least find a solution since devs haven't done anything about it so far.
  16. Maybe the wave of conflict can give players a certain amount of troops? A small number, but enough so that the entire mechanic of opening up as an OSF is eliminated? Not sure if getting rid of ally purchases would eliminate the cheating (it would prevent stripping) as a player could sell bronze bars or sell items. The ability to pin your own side would at least enable the reduction of damage caused by an OSF mole, but, in my opinion, resetting an account of a player that cheats would be the best deterrent out there.

    Again, the thread is not just because of this war. I can move on when I feel like it. But because of the resignation of so many players that this person has repeatedly done the same thing with impunity. As the best disinfectant is sunshine, I'm pulling the curtains open. Maybe it'll make no difference, maybe it will. KaW has an interesting way of policing its own. So, that's my two cents.
  17. Posting threads like this especially after the first one was locked is in breach of ToU and you will end up banned.

    Accusing players of cheating is in violation of ToU so just email support with evidence.
  18. Another butthurt thread

    Another noob who was trolled by his wc

    Another loss to cry nonsense about

    Another cookie wasted
  19. What help do you think forums can give you in this matter?

    Email your evidence and theory to the devs and they will investigate.

    Accusing others of cheating is against the ToU. Further reposting will result in a forum ban.
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