Removing Crystal Limit During Promo

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  1. I personally would like to see the limit stay in place. Or just raise the limit to 48 for 24 hours. But keep the 6 per eb.
  2. I like the idea. I dought it will happen 
  3. The point is this is a game...and I think the devs are attempting in some way to keep it a game, if I wanna see RL greed portrayed I'll walk outside...its all about big picture with this...there was a good reason it was cut off the first time...and reasonable one, and I think that reason still stands to this moment. Many ppl respect games where u can't buy ur way to the top because MOST ppl don't have lots of money...the only ppl who see those things as a hindrance are those who DO have lots of money...yes the rationality could b used that the ones with money keep the game running...but effectively, masses of ppl with a little money keep it running more so than the few with a lot of money...besides most ppl don't like the fact that HTE has made it where someone can HFBC n months anyway... Noobs with large stats...because they have deep pockets...I for one would love a bit more hard work ethic n a game that's used for many to get away from the RL antics and greed
  4. Still, a business needs to make money, no business is going to keep running if they are being unsuccessful and losing money. It's simple logic. Why do you think they have promos so often? To make money. Easy logic.
  5. Why is there a daily limit anyway? I get it for War and single EB but daily means KAW addicts have to suffer and can't participate in activities during the Xtal blackout.
  6. To keep people from spending too much. But people who spend too much will always come back to spend more. Cause if you have a lot to spend in the first place you'd do it.
  7. support!
  8. SUPPORT!!
  9. I SUPPORT the idea of removing the 12-24hr wait to xstal rule during promos.. I have to wait 11more hours till I can xstal again and there's a promo going on :-(
  10. Support 
  11. Fully Supported,Great job Squishy!!
  12. New owner of BH. Lul.
  13. Support. I think if there is no crystal limit per EB then EB's will be taken over by those willing to spend whilst others struggle to get a look in. Scrapping the 24 hour limit during promo's would be great though.