remove 15 minute eb-countdown!

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  1. Lol, didn't think my clan mate's suggestion would trigger all diehard forum posters to give us some highly intelligent feedback. Guess this mostly sums up what forums have become lately.

    To OP's topic:
    Could anyone tell me what that 15 minutes wait timer is good for? I never understood it in the 6 years I've played this game...

    If you rely on these 15 minutes to regen troops, you missed a lot of basic Kaw mechanics.

    Most people will either hit every 5 minutes (or a multiple of this regen timer), or log on every hour (or whenever they have time) and empty their troops. In both cases, those 15 minutes wait time have zero influence on regen.

    It's just plain annoying to start this app and get a quick troop unload and hit this wait timer. I usually then just close down my app and open it again when I have the time. I certainly won't wait staring at a screen waiting for some timer to go to zero.

    It's also quite annoying to have this timer when you decide to start a "paid" eb which necessitates one (or more) items to open it. Why on earth do I have to stare 15 minutes at some countdown to throw some SoD? Just let me throw that item whenever I want during that countdown if not getting rid of that countdown altogether...
    How many times did I start some HTE just to get some external "interference" around that 15 minute countdown mark? 
  2. Support, the 15 minute waiting time is obsolete.
  3. Do you also have an intelligent gif that expresses your view on 60 ppl drop-train? Its much stressier Even!!! And its state of the Art nowadays.
    Please think twice (or at least DO think first at all) and bring up decent discussion before dumping your crap all.

    The proposal isnt new at all but times have changed and older Arguments may not have the same relevance as they once had. It is not as dumb as it seems if you try and really Look at it.
  4. The only valid argument I see is that when spending $'s or game gold for bc's or the crux chests you are essentially wasting your money,especially if running fast ZTA's,there should be a spell available to negate the 15 min cool down period.
  5. @ kassio and awen: thanks my dears!

    There are more aspects i see especially for small clans with smaller members: imagine them to Run b2b very small fast ebs. They would have a chance to reach higher event-Tiers without having to spend money.

    I dont see where it would increase the Pay to Win Part. Big Spenders xtal 24/Day this way or the other. If you dont want to wait you do Trains or Hop Clans. This is how it is nowadays.
  6. I just don't see the point in spending rl $'s to sit there twiddling your thumbs waiting for a eb to start,spending on a app is wasting $'s but to actually spend to watch a countdown is insane.
  7. My thoughts on why it's in place (or that it's useful to be in place) are;
    1) when larger clans do Premium EBs, if there was no countdown to act as a heads up, they would get blitzed as normal but most people would miss em as people have RL's and can't be on KaW all the time. A notification that an EB has started wouldn't leave much time vs a notification 15min countdown. Easy to set a timer on your device.
    2) Some EBs, like Summoner, have an item phase right at the start. That could be exploited if it is started without notice and much fewer people (aside from the one that started it) are able to get on to hit those items. The 15min countdown gives more of a equal start for more clanmates to get a chance to hit those items. You can see that Summoner has been initiated and just set a timer if you don't wish to be on for that time.

    I do agree that BC's (especially) and cruxes are wasted during that countdown but that has been mentioned many times and nothing has been done about it yet.
  8. No support, stupid idea
  9. I'm down for 5 or 10 minutes but there needs to be some type of cooldown
  10. Good idea. For those of us that don't live in moms basement and have to pay the bills by working, may only get short windows to actually unload on the hour. Hitting a 15 minute timer may make a difference in being able to hit or not hit and actually help your clan with the eb. I've had this happen many times personally.
  11. This was brought up right after EBs were released. I can't recall exactly why the reason was, however I believe it was to prevent people from staying pinned 24/7 back before half of the OSW players were bots and needed to pin on things to keep there gold as there were no bars to protect your gold.

  12. Even if you hit 5 actions per eb you'd not have enough to do that many zta
  13. True that, didn't consider it, my bad
  14. I support this idea. Its not like the whole clan empties all troops and spies at the end of the eb.
  15. 100% support, this is a great idea
  16. If you think about it, decreasing or terminating the eb timer completely would just cause the lb players to spend more money and make the game even more pay to win. One reason of the 15 minute timer is to restock troops right after an eb finishes. This would make the event lb even harder to get on because you would have to cast more xtals without the time to regen. Not saying it's a bad idea, but there are many flaws.
  17. I see your point but it is more or less invalid and obsolete nowadays. Thats the point.

    Most lbs doing 24xtals / day anyway! And to avoid the 15 minutes-break there are trains or people just hop Clans as posted before ️