Reintroducing: Chaos Theory. official recruitment thread

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  1. So here's the deal:

    This clan is about more than plunder, pride, or even camaraderie. This clan is about KaW legacy.

    I don't have fancy graphics or colors. Just a simple message and simple goal.

    If you're not interested in details scroll down now to a handy Tl;dr at the end 

    I joined a clan named Chaos Theory for the first time over 4 years ago. It was my first real clan and is, after all these years, still my favorite clan that I have been in.

    Today, we begin building a clan that deserves more than I can ever give it. To do that, I need you.

    Chaos Theory

    A simple name. More than a name this clan is an homage to my roots- a time in KaW where we fought daily in PvPs and where differences between clans were settled with wars.

    Clans today seem limited. Loyalty seems a thing of yesterday as we all scamper for quick and easy gold. I've been guilty of it myself. I'm sure many of you have too. Today marks a change for this.

    Together though we can build a clan/network to meet all of our needs. If you are interested in a true family clan, then this is for you, but only if you are willing to fight when needed.

    To do this we will have a simple three phase plan.

    PHASE 1:
    Grow membership to the point that we can run b2b haunts (need to do unlocks too) without fail. (The end goal will be TSG, SS etc). Leaderboard position would be great but more than anything Id love to see an active family of players come together.

    PHASE 2:
    War clan. After establishing ourselves in phase 1 we will form our war clan: (name to be revealed later). We will need experienced warriors to lead these efforts. While not a noob I do accept that I am by far not the most knowledgable war fighter in KaW. I don't know about you but I'd love to war with my fellow clan mates- not just random people from war to war.

    PHASE 3:
    Subclan. Once phases 1 and 2 are complete we will form out first subclan. The subclan will be dedicated to helping noobs (like me 4.5 years ago) learn the game.

    So you're thinking, "Bacho, why would I join this clan you old ass noob?"

    I'll tell you this. I'm an experienced leader. In KaW and in RL (combat veteran with USMC infantry).

    The most important part of leading though, to me, is knowing your own limitations. I am not perfect. Neither are you. Or any of us. But together we strive to make Chaos Theory perfect for us. To do this we need good people to join, stay active and help recruit.

    I think a realistic timeline to complete phase 1 is 6-8 weeks. For those of us that have been around for a while we know that this is a game of patience. It is imperative that we exercise patience and dedication in everything we do here.


    After this time frame we will open our war clan. We will need leaders for this. Once the war clan is up and running smoothly we will open up our subclan. I think this can happen in 8-12 weeks.

    Update 3/19/15
    We are at b2b haunts. Looking for members to help start war clan

    Working clan rules. These will definitely be further defined but some of the bigger ones for me.

    First 2 weeks will be open to all stats.

    UPDATE: DUE TO RAPID GROWTH A 500k CS limit is now in place.

    We've hit 60 members. Minimum stat req is now 1 million CS.

    After that:
    3 MCS ATK builds/1.5 MCS SPY builds.

    Exceptions can be made on a case by case basis upon owner approval.

    1. Respect the clan and all it's members.
    2. Sending ads and recruiting is required. 2 ads a day minimum per member. (I hate this part but it's necessary).
    3. PvP is accepted and encouraged. This is a war game.
    4. Don't be a dick. Seriously.
    5. For the love of god and all that is holy check Clan announcements before hitting EB.
    6. Stay active. We can't do this in silence.
    7. While not a primary goal, we will not shy away from an OSW. Don't be scared, it's only gold. They are only allies. Defend the clan and it's name proudly.
    8. Always keep enough Bronze Bars on hand to get you right back to max ally plunder bonus.

    also looking for the following:
    1) Admins- will be granted by me until a council is appointed (also by me). Once council is in place decisions will be held to simple majority vote in council. I can veto but 2/3 council can veto me back. Yay democracy.

    2) recruiters. A huge part of starting a clan is recruiting. I need people who can do this effectively.

    3) advertisers. Good with emoji art? Hook it up.

    Phase 1. Establish membership (6-8 weeks)
    Phase 2. War clan(8-12 weeks)
    Phase 3. Subclan

    I need help. Chaos Theory deserves the best we have to give. If this is all something that interests you please join.

    Thanks for reading all this and I hope to see you in Chaos Theory.

    I don't do drama. You can ask around. I've built strong relationships with a lot of people. I love this game. It's a great escape from real life BS and since I'm pretty broke this game offers me free entertainment. I'm on a lot.

    Chaos Theory is about KaW legacy. Join now for awesomeness. 3 phase plan. Common sense leadership. A clan for family.
  2. Support Bacho GL bro let me know when u do big unlocks be glad to come help out
  3. Thx appreciate it. I'll definitely hit you up for the big unlocks. 
  4. Not everyone at once
  5. Excited to get CT back! Let it live strong and long  my first ever clan in kaw, and by far my favorite ️-dmc
  6. Chaos theory wouldn't be the same without you PC ️so glad to have you here.
  7. Support but I want to see how this is tied to Chaos Theory
  8. Ct was our old clan name 
  9. Support !

  10. Support, I'm here to help with wanna be bad ass noobs like Theives_Guild oh yeah..... and grow the clan
  11. Support.
    Hope it does well!
  12. Update: DUE TO RAPID GROWTH A 500k CS minimum is now in place
  13. Support.
    Great group of people.
  14. DAY 3 Update: 55 members. Just completed NML unlock. Ambush tomorrow.
  15. Support.
    But you mean its your second favourite clan ;)
  16. Sorry bum, chaos theory is my first true love.
  17. Support! Chaos Theory was the first clan I ever joined. Bacho gave me a huge help in starting out, can't thank you enough.
  18. Mattie you are welcome here anytime. 
  19. Support. I can't wait to see the clan go through all the phases