Regarding the new Building Upgrades

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  1. How about the fact that devs had the time to think up this dumb ass change and put it into place but didn't have time to get us rewards quickly....#stillwaiting
  2. Devs once you give the rewards from the feather hunt watch everyone shut up about the upgrades lol.. I bet that'll happen watch lol. They will be too busy spamming hte to complain about those sweet new buildings lol.. And lower prices for high land buildings.. Watch give the rewards I want to see I know it lol.. It's going to get silent in forums once rewards come out hahahahahah 
  3. I'm still waiting for some more Pinky pro tips.
  4. Do actual apes run the place? No offence but like honestly, refund please.
  5. Kawmmunity, if you guys ever decide to show support to your mid vets instead of continuously forgetting us that'll be all I need to love this game for the game again annot just because I've been playing all thse years and cant give up now.
  6. Pro tip.
    Complain about every single update or change devs do to kaw.
  7. Worked hard to get HLBC,and now I see it getting easy,and me and others oldest players will not be refounded? sorry but I can see justice on it,if will refound,than refound everyone that spent gold building and upgrading…
  8. Worked so hard to Hlbc ! Hard earned money for xtals and in return I hear lands are 50% cheaper.SMH  What I would have preferred was a credit on my payments to date and or xtals in return. Definitely good if you just recently made an alt and want to build fast. Vets I'm sorry to hear the cash cow has landed ! Prepare your land defense counter measures 
  9. I don't know if it's been asked and I don't feel like reading all 37 pages to see. Does the refund apply to t5 conversions after May 1st too?
  10. That's a good start Pinky. I need to see more. I'm taking notes.
  11. Just think of all those sh that got decked out ee equip because the devs sat on their hands for over a year and a half while their war system was being exploited out the rear end ...

    Now tho a change they made that wasn't wanted or needed lvl 4,5 buildings come out and yet again they realize they screwed up so to fix it they make it easier for those builds to be our size in a matter of a month or two  while we have to muddle thru to try to stay just a little ahead of them ? When in reality the advantage of the static equip they got handed basically on a loop hole will make them much stronger

    Devs fix ur problems!!!! Before u release new effing content u compound every issue u create with stupid irresponsible moves that have to be covered up with more stupid moves

    Also consider this season 2 got totally trashed when t6 was released right at the start of the season and ugs brought out durning the season because yet again u lacked the foresight to see wat ur meddling will do to ur own system but god forbid u actually learn from that mistake ... No no no let's repeat it again and again and see how many customers u can piss off in the mean time

    Again I'm not sticking around much longer I have debts to repay and good byes to say ... But just know this u had a great game and great concepts with great people in ur game making it wat it was ... All u did was ruin it time and again because u had absolutely no vision of ur own game at all
  12. This game continues to become less interesting. It's like taking Johnny Manziel @22. Same . Different day .
  13. Devs please make sure they are 50% cheaper. Cuz if what someone posted earlier about volarys being 19bil..instead of 26bil is right?,That's not half.13.1bil would be half roughly . No complaints here tho, enjoying the game and my KICK ass Clan.
  14. What do you call an iPhone with a colored cover? a 5c 

  15. Like Panda said in a different thread, whining on forums won't change anything. Hit the feedback button, add your comments there. They get enough feedback or negativs/play store, maybe they will listen. And if they don't listen, leave, their bottom line will start to feel it if enough of you do.
  16. They are clearly catering to new players. I understand that. They are adding to the game to keep bigger players motivated. Again understandable.
    Devs must ask themselves "at what cost?".
    "Why refund any to begin with?".
    "How is this fair?"
    "And is "we have benefited
  17. Wasnt this just a game 4 hours ago?
  18. Sorry decided to quit posting and complaining here. Post where it matters in the market..
  19. you claim we have had an advantage making money with buildings but those of us that put up all those towers make less then the sh and have since we finished. so your saying it's fair that we tried to keep our builds n adapt to the wars, got screwed during them then they get rewarded for being lazy with there build to gain lvl 5 ee that builds like mine can't get to and make even more then they already did over us? 
  20. Ok right ive got over this now it is what it is still wont be getting any money off me but anyway just as I get over this I find out that if you drop a building I spent 175bil on I get 3bil back is this right devs?