Regarding the new Building Upgrades

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  1. Only T5 went down in price, lands went untouched
  2. I think Pinky has a point. Can we hear some more Pinky Pro tips? I need to learn from the best. 
  3. Now dropping land price will be a bad move I understand buildings but land shouldnt be made cheaper also T4 were already dropped in price in the past it won't happen again I think.
  4. Veterans on kaw need to stand up. You guys would not be here without us. You would not have thos 9million dollar game. Lately it seems everyone has forgotten those that have stayed through every damn decision made on this game.

    We had no clan system no ebs nothing and lowlands took forever!!! LOWLANDS

    Put kaw back to 2009 era with none of the tools now and see us vets stay while the whiners whine to convert back to how it was wven if it meant new upgrades without the price cut.

    I am a huge supporter of helping the gap close but hell make seal drop rate go up and horns if you guys really did care…

    Instead of taking from yourselves to fix a problem you take from us long time supporters.


    At least out of my own greed I can change my hlbc around a bit easier..
  5. Wow people are so uptight today devs give them their seals so everyone shuts up and quits complaining about the awesome upgrades lol..
  6. As for me buying more xtals n Nob points not a chance I spent a fortune to get hlbc now smalls get to be where to am in half the time as they need less gold to buy. NICE JOB DEVS ON SCREWING OVER UR LONG TERM HLBC PLAYERS. WELL DONE,,GIVE YOURSELVES A PAT ON THE BACK
  7. Well forget the new buildings, where are my promo items  just kidding devs  take your time. You guys must be really busy.
  8. I understand your reasoning, @kawcommunity but at the same token I don't. You clearly want to help out new people that are taking up this game by reducing amount on HL. Cool, I get that. As more lands, upgrades etc are unlocked it is very daunting for new players to keep playing. But at the same time, you have had loyal players playing years now and putting $$ into this game and now a new player can achieve similar stats to someone who has been in pvp wars EE etc in less than 6 months. You closed the gap between small to mids but not mids to bigs. Most mids are the ones whom have been playing for a while.

    I am in sales, I get inflation with price changes and what not. I also understand good business practices. You're clearly only focused on new players and getting their $$ and LB players who are fortunate enough to drop a couple grand a day. So the middle man is left out wondering why they're not being heard. Not a very good business practice to let your loyal players hang out to dry.

    I doubt you'll even read this considering so many other people are voiced their opinions are not being heard. I will still enjoy this game as it provides some stress relief from my job, but it will be the last time I will spend anything on this game.
  9. ^well said
  10. Jeez Twiz rage much bro? :lol:
  11. Subtle beat me to it!
  12. Well this is an interesting turn of events. But I like it. Well done devs
  13. Don't be mad bro.
    Sh exploits ftw
  14. This situation only benefits me :D!

    However, I am not satisfied at all. People flush hard earned cash into this game to make your pockets fatter and you go ahead and basically let them know that what took them months or a year even to complete, can be done in no time what so ever. At least refund the vets.. It's not fair at all, and this is coming from someone who benefits from this situation. Rethink this over, please devs, people who have been loyal to this game honestly do not deserve this.
  15. Wow for once I'm taking the devs side I love these upgrades lol. I love the drop in price too now I can rearrange my high lands for half the cost which is awesome because I need to bring down some buildings to put up new ones and guess what it's not going to take me a year to do it now lol.. I can rebuild in like a month or 2 which is awesome... I love devs for doing this and I'm a veteran player.. Active for like over 2 years now.. And ill never quit ever.. I love this game ..
  16. @Kaw_community
    Thanks for the small refund.
    but I've been on highlands well over a year. (19 highlands so far)
    1 week's worth of refund isn't much.

    I kind of agree with people who feel like they're getting shafted for upgrading highlands before this.
  17. Real question: at some point are we getting T7 and T8 buildings? There are 2 more corners from LB that could fit arrows. Just curious
  18. Thank you for this feedback, and I'm glad you see some of the reasoning behind our actions. In regards to assisting mid-build players, the price decreases should make things easier with progression as they progress further in the game, but I'll share this feedback with the developers so we can see if there's any way we can improve the experience for those in the middle ground.
  19. 6months is quite a long time really....

    And most stats come from T6 hoarfrost buildings. Tier 5 isn't that great
  20. Kaw community, I love you.
    Wanna run away?