Regain weekend

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by iTribe, Aug 16, 2017.

  1. Just putting it out there,what if we had a half regain weekend? Obviously regain time will be halved only for a one off weekend...or all the time what do you think about a half regain weekend
  2. do you mean regen?
  3. Yes, thank you for Ponting out I can't spell :p
  4. Pointing*
  5. Yeah that regain is really triggering me
  6. ugh i hate regain literally takes forever :( #HalfTheRegain
  7. Of all the spelling mistakes to make he/she made the one that still sort of makes sense. Funny.
  8. This would definitely be a great way to reward the more active players so I would love to see this.
  9. Lmao please change the name from Regain to Regenerate (Regen) because you got tons of people miss spelling it :D
  10. [title=black+white]This would crash the crystal market[/title]
  11. [title=black+white]This would crash the crystal market[/title]

    But let's do it with x2 plunder on all actions? Would make up for the /2 regen