Refugee crisis

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  1. Its bull, we cant even home the homeless british people. Yet were homing foreigners?
  2. I dont imagine anyone will have an answer for that
  3. Failure to house the homeless in the uk is another issue, we don't get to excuse ourselves from one humanitarian disaster because we've failed to help the people who needed help here too. Two wrongs don't make anything like a right. As for numbers this is from UNHCR and amnesty.

    Refugees in the region 3.8 million refugees from Syria (95 per cent) are in just five countries Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt:

    Lebanon hosts 1.1 million refugees registered with UNHCR, which amounts to around 26 per cent of the country’s population
    Jordan hosts 618,615 registered refugees, which amounts to 9.8 per cent of the population
    Turkey hosts 1.6 million refugees, which amounts to 2.4 per cent of the population
    Iraq hosts 225,373 registered refugees, which amounts to 0.67 per cent of the population
    Egypt 142,543 registered refugees, which amounts to 0.17 per cent of the population

    That's the numbers registered with UNHCR there are almost certainly more.
  4. We can't end the hunger and homeless problem here. How can we take on extra people? We can feed them but not the ones who have been homeless/without food for years?

    It's a sticky situation. Just need a way to integrate them into the working class ASAP.
  5. You're comparing two eras that are entirely technologically different. Travel around the world was no where near as easy as it was then. And no of course men in Europe in 1910 didn't run to the Ottoman Empire. :lol:

    The fact remains that many countries are able to do something. Would you rather have done nothing than have tried to even helped some?
  6. I've always had an "Every man for himself" type of attitude towards these types of issues. The refugees can either get a job or die on the streets, as many homeless people do every year. I believe that as a society, we shouldn't spend money towards homeless people who aren't going to do anything with their life. But as always, that's just my opinion here. I can't control what actually does
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  8. Welcome to social darwinism
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  10. Knife if some one has lost everything through no fault of their own you don't believe in society helping them get back on their feet ?? You'd turn your back on someone who was gainfully working for the good of all because he's suffered an injury or misfortune ?

    That's incredibly harsh and shows a tragic lack of compassion.
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  12. So many fascist scum on this thread
  13. the refugees should be welcome to Britain , because after all, didn't we along sign the Americans create this war?
  14. Typically, the people that call others scum are the ones that are guilty of that themselves.

    Listening to Al Sharpton lately?
  15. I'm a scum because I'm not a heartless human being and I would welcome the refugees with open arms?

    Also I have no idea who that is
  16. You have no idea how the world works.

    There are terrorists hiding in there. People who have done horrible things to their own people, and are more than willing to do more to any westerners.

    If you unquestioningly let every single middle eastern refugee into your country, then you are inviting radical terrorism to your homeland. Do you hate your country? Do you want people to attack it?

    I understand basic human kindness, but there are more factors at work here than what they taught you in school. You have to take into account that many of these people don't speak English. It will be near impossible for them to get jobs. Go to school. Learn the language.

    In turn, you have an influx of homeless people flooding your streets, and not taking part in making the society better.

    If you don't want them to be homeless you... What? Put them on welfare? Pay for them to go to school or learn English so they can get a job and become active members of society? That would flood any country with even more debt than it was already in.

    Countries are in bad enough shape right now. They don't need an influx of unemployed, foreign, possibly radical refugees to make things worse.

    Before you shoot your mouth off, research some facts. And it's not fascistic. It's realistic.
  17. So your government should accept people the proper way. Let the refugee camps send them, people arriving on a boat you are letting in just anyone.
  18. I'm sensing a little xenophobia in here. Just a tad bit.
  19. Tired so excuse any typos.
    But first the child who has defined the current media stance.
    The father of said child had been settled in Hungary for two years, he only chose to flee to get new free teeth ( dental care according to his own sister)
    Blame the stupidity of the father there.

    Overpopulating countries that already are incapable of being self sufficient is not a solution to anything.

    The only thing that can and will help long term is a global combined effort to remove the Isis threat and stabilise regions that face terror threats.

    If that requires boots on the ground to end that threat then so be it.
    A few psychotic individuals should not in a civilised world be able to amass such influence that they can displace millions of people.

    Without intervention, it is clear that things will only get worse. Time for the world to step up.
  20. Exactly.