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  1. We are looking at recruiting warriors in preparation for season 2 of rancor wars.

    In the run up to this season we will be (unfortunately unlocking remaining Ebs), participating in as many pre season wars as possible and perfecting builds ready for the next season. We will also be tweaking tactics so that we hit the ground running for next season.

    ABOUT -DeVaSt4TioN-

    Devastation was created by myself and a few very close friends almost a year ago. Our members have a desire to play kaw how it should be played. We enjoy wars both system and osw and are a very close group of players knowing each other in real life too.

    We are a family and the clan does not have just one owner who calls the shots. We all make group decisions. We will back every single one of our members no matter who the enemy is! We support 1 vs 1 and do not bully, however, mess with our members and you will see us all in your news feed for a long time.

    Throughout our history we have been in a fair few osw, some we have learnt some tough lessons in which I'm not afraid to admit (YAFI). What I will say is we will fight until we feel it necessary.

    Our members have freedom to visit friends and go out and do their thing, you are not locked in the clan. (Hence why the clan is empty as I write this). We have all been out at other clans perfecting tactics for season 2 of rancor.

    Should you wish to join, we ask that you have a desire to war, a set of to follow commands in war. A build that has or is on the way to having the required level of spy towers. We want warriors not eb fairies! Say that we still will run Ebs and item Ebs to help prepare for the upcoming season.

    We are also actively seeking trackers and GH builds at present.


    If our clan interests you, get in touch, thanks for your time in reading this and happy kawing.... I also don't care for anyone to rate my recruitment ad. I don't have pictures and all that jazz, I don't care for pretty pictures... I'm
    Not 10.
  2. I would like to add we are part of the sic noc family, they are our brothers and sisters in war and we will back them always!!
  3. Support!!! A great bunch of people I am proud to call family. Much love to SI and Roxy!!

    Sic Noc Family
  4. Support

    Great thread too, well written!

  5. If i can, I will stop in and war sometimes if not In an osw... if thats fine with you.
  6. for sure, feel free to stop by
  7. I know some of these guys. Great clan. Support 
  8. I support my buds! Great group there
  9. True and fierce warriors! Support !
  10. Come join in the fun
  11. Give me a good week or so for this acct to grow gh, il head over if its open
  12. Very good warriors. I would definately join themand plan to in the future.
  13. But definately needs more picturesc'mon si
  14. Support! One of the best meatshields we had on sotuw!
  15. Bump bump bump love this clan