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Discussion in 'Other KaW Discussion' started by Era, Oct 23, 2017.

  1. I don't know how many of you have updated yet, but with the update came tarot cards in the market. Anyone know what they are for or does anyone have any cool theories?
  2. Definitely for a P2P epic battle or something of the sort :p
  3. Yeh some crappy EB no doubt.
  4. Maybe we will get lucky and it will be for a pvp event! Like a pay to enter clan vs clan?
  5. Sorry.... think is for War have buy one and is under deff items- deff Pots...
  6. Event please I need to feed my addiction
  8. Das weird I updated like an hour ago but I don’t see Miss Cleo or her magic deck of cards 
  9. Typical,probably another P2P eb instead of the new normal set of ebs ppl ask for.
  10. They toom them out of the market and ATABruce went into hiding too bad I bought a tarot card. I might throw it at a watermelon and see if it sticks 
  11. And now It takes half a minute to log on with iOS thanks to these new updates  ...
  12. There’s also a new section on the profile that has stats bonuses saying coming soon.
  13. I hadn't seen that new stats section, I'll have to go look real quick :shock:
  14. I would be willing to bet that's a visual tracker for your charm stats! It would make it so they are easily viewable upon looking straight at the profile when in PVP or OSW or whatever rather than looking at each charm separately or a brief scroll through the players showcase to try and determine stats. Atleast that makes sense, plus it's the same art style as the transmuted or "charmed" gear
  15. And maybe not just charms stats now that I think about it.. prolly just the total bonus of stats from your showcase entirely like perm items etc.. lol don't think the trinket things from events with stats are considered "charms" so figured I'd clarify