Really! Did you think SiCnIsS would not respond?

Discussion in 'Wars' started by ______BaD_MeDiCiNe_SpEaR____, Sep 5, 2013.

  1. One scout and a hit?  no big deal but u still had to brag abt it. Comparing stats huh? 
  2. Glad to have you back meds you all will find out details soon enough. I'm sure good ol Phil will keep you informed 

    Careful who you troll though... Meds ain't as friendly as me 
  3. Philo probably chained up by an alliance he posted something bad about this very moment 
  4. We are a family we don't let anyone behind  your build talk for you. nice wall there and I still beating you
  5. You know, i would address what sarcbat just said, but i decided not to for the sake of the thread.
  6. Siccness!
    U beat the  outa us and we'll scout bomb u! 
  7. Uhh only person in regs i give any props to is ryuk666. The rest of yall like one of those 's, that regardless how much u push it goes back in . Or the feeling.of having to tinkle but nothing comes out . Yeah but uhh can i get a double burger wit cheese,  served by dolamite in a tutu and yellow high heels ???
  8. Where's poppabear with the cartoons of VULF?


    Anyone remember Army of the Sun getting completely smashed after talking massive **** on forums? Ahaha good times. SSDD. 'We don't give a ****'

    And we continuously make sure everyone knows that! By responding to negativity! But remember! We don't care what you think! We don't care so much we defend ourselves when called out! We don't care so much we post about how much we don't care so you know! But we don't care what you think! But we hope you think we don't care!

    What's that motto 'loyalty integrity honor'? Some lame **** like that? Lolz Regs sold out their Army of the Sun allies and let em get destroyed while hitting EBs. I could say more but I would get banned. I got some fun photos for anyone who wishes to see on that third party chat app! Pro bono!
  9. Op's name reminds me of Bad Ambulance from LR. Anyways, support for my friends at SicNiss.
  10. SicNiss is warring WDGAF am I right? Op's comment on page 2 is confusing.
  11. ╥╖╓ ╖╓ ╥ ╥ ║╔ ╥╔╗╓╖╥╖╓╖╔╦╗╓
    ║║╙͠ ╙╜ ╨ ╚ ╠╣ ╨╨╨╙╢╨╜╙╜╜╨╙╜
    ╨╜ FaMiLy ║╚ ᎠᎬsᏆᏒuᏟᏆᎥᎾᏁ

    Ꭵ Ꭺm ᎠᎬᏉᎥᏞ

  12. lol lang stay off forums. Gl sicniss 
  13. Who cares..........
  14. Langlas has 6m stats in 25k wins. I love the new 3x eb's bringing up noobs with big balls who think they can roll with kaw's finest... Chuckles abound
  15. Nice stats barcode. Oh wait, you don't have ANY.
  16. I'm confused, all I see is "reserved" from Lang, and no Apoc leader...
  17. Lang editted his posts i guess... But really, could someone give me some more info bout this? I like being in the know.