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  1. Since the chat get spamed daily by new comers with question I will try to accommodate as much as I can.

    "can someone plz tell me my stats?"
    no that cost 1 speaker. Go to profile ur attack and def rating equals 2% of the number u c.

    "can u explain to me about allies?"
    sure we can add the attack and def rating to ur total and then take 2% of that. It would be ur total ratings. The current version of the game doesn't show u the total soo use a calculator. Eg u spent 1 mil on a ally with 10000 attack rating tje actual bonus u get from him will be 200. Get the picture?

    "plz buy me and my allies"
    u gain 4% of the sales of cost to u when ever u are bought and sold. The value of ur allies raise by 4% each time they are bought and sold. Players will have to pay the 4% gold extra to buy back. In the end the final bidder pays the other the additional gold. One persons gain is another persons loss. Only benefitiary is the person being traded.

    "how do u bank?"
    buy a few very expensive allies and bank more as u buy back till a point when u won't buy back when they are sold.

    Note a much more liqiluid bank system is attack potions. The bank however charge 25% interest. I buy the rain of fires. 750k sale value each. If u r getting farmed then losing 25% is much better than 100%.

    I get to kingdom design later.
  2. Now the other question

    "how do u make money in this game?"
    there r many ways to do that. Questing is fastest for FOBs. Allowing u quick cash to build more buildings.

    "how do I get more quests?"
    u get better quests when u explore more land and build buildings on it or upgrade existing attack builds. Ie building that give u more troop limits.

    "how do u fight?"
    go to main and press battle. A list of targets will be shown. Under each target there will be a comment telling u the size of ur rewArd when and only if u win the battle. Large reward normally mean the target is much stronger than u. Hence yield more rewards. Average rewards means player is of equal str. I say str cause it doesn't count troop numbers. In which case u gain loot based on ur troop number x100 plus plunder bonus. Small rewards u take a small % of gold less than that of average targets. But because u r hitting the weak u suffer higher unit cost than ur targets no matter how strong u r. Tiny rewards u only get gold equal to ur ur plunder bonus. And the loses u take would def make u cry. This is the games way of protecting the weak.

    "wats plunder bonus?"
    well the more expensive u cost the higher the plunder bonus. Since u have little control of ur own costs. That is determined by ur peers.

    More coming later
  3. Well said Raven. Hopefully the chat room will be less chaty. As a side note... You make alot more money attacking or questing then begging others to buy you or your allies. Trading allies is pocket change compared to attacking or questing.
  4. Before I continue. A small error correction on gold looted. It's ur total attack str x 2% x100.
  5. I have a question. Now u are my owner. When I do spies attack, will u still have my spy defense bonus?
  6. Ur spy str not high enough to have a impact on my defense. 6000 x 2% 120 points compared to yours. Perhaps later on when u get
    higher we can test
  7. For prinz
  8. There's other threads in this but basically you get 5 speakers a day and propacks give speakers you can do quests for nobility and spend it on speakers also
  9. An error in raven's guide. A fully upgraded tier 2 is 3x the strength of a fully upgraded tier 1.

    Just a note.
  10. Bump for daz
  11. The price of an allies in increasing of 5% not 4% (The first cost is going from 10 000 to 10 500) :)
  12. This is sick no wonder ur so good