Rancor Wars: TIme to Place Your Bets

Discussion in 'Wars' started by The_Philosopher, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. •For upper bracket id say silver or warlor
    •middle, we have new strategy up r sleeves here at dma, so id say us. Idk about rising hawks cuz ive never warred them, but not pillars of chaos, ghc will eventually get wrecked up, sotra vs were screwed will probly b top, but devilmate academy or hawks could take it too.
    •lower bracket, there arent many small dedicated war clans so idk

    •overall i think half the battle will b getting matchups, if some clans r very good but dont get matches they will have a hard time winning. The new system with that throws a monkey rench into everything, n its any1s game.
  2. Devilmate Academy!
  3. I believe AMUN_RA will take the top spot. They are a very well put together clan and extremely tough to beat.
  4. We are no weak clan hottie, you shouldnt speak like that about people who dont have their original names
    You never know who your insulting 

  5. I think S.O.T.R.A will definitely come out on top- they're extremely well organized and rarely lose.
  6. Empire I think has the best shot. Flawless war strategy each war.
  7. Empire rising* :3
  8. Lol strange not many talking about ZAFT. They can still pull a very strong roster against the toughest of clans. It will be worth watching what kind of strategies RCA and Warlor will bring against them. I think most of the clans will try to ignore warring ZAFT when they include more than a couple of LB in their war roster.
  9. My other post didn't go in not repeat all

    The casuals of war
    Don't get me wrong you doin great for 7days
    But ya been doing it 7 days haven't got name out yet so you not in the big leagues yet but most likely will be

    Poc will drop when faced with sotra and devil mate great to face puts great fight I got 2hits in before koed fastest ever had lol
  10. I also put
    The casuals of war I only heard of yas cause my owners there try waiting a bit and you see you become big leages balls forgot how to spell lmao you could be the new RCA silver warlor an all them lol
  11. If we would participate we would be a very well oiled machine(in Phil words), check the war history of WAR Honour and WAR :)
  12. I have 100$ my clan will get 15nm 
  13. Zaft n apoc r complete wildcards, they havent done estocs so they could completely fail, but if they have good strategy they could b extremely dangerous. The top zaft clans r very big so i their biggest ppl war, n get a match, them plus good strategy is very dangerous bcuz they r almost guaranteed to b matched with a weaker clan.
  14. Will be awesome to get some of the zaft/apoc clans in ee. Should create even better matchups. But no match will certainly come into play if anyone stacks. The prob is can the top 5 bfa even war and get a matchup or is their bfa so huge that it will pretty much guarantee a no match. I know that RCA and warlor get that problem and they are nowhere near the size that zaft can field even with just 1/3 of their top warring.

    I'd say current limit to no match would be like 1-2 top 100, 2-3 top 200, and 3-4 top 400. Anything bigger with current clans warring will give u a no match.
  15. Empire rising or la resistance
  16. I'm going with rising hawks. they're beast
  17. Not really sure how you are defining top and middle. Warlor and RCA is top 2 currently if considering strength and skill. Next size class down is La Resistance. They are best in their range and already beaten most those mentioned.
  18. Personally I think the top 4 is(In no particular order)
    RCA(Either Clan)