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  1. it was fine to send your members to fight 5 people at dive bar and act like a badass but when kotfe comes knocking you tuck tail and run then write a forum thread completely reeking of butthurt

  2. Hired? Yes.
    Taken? No. Took 700-730 out of 800.
  3. Cheese you are an idiot your info wrong pls go back to being a nobody, anni was letting ig guests into clan and were clearly warned but didn't stop. The amount stripped was just under 800t and he lost 700. The rest was banked and sunk into his massive tower boost.
  4. Timeline..

    1.) Yoshi agreed not to aid IG, with me and TeamC. As our war was going on previous to their alliance being formed. Do not aid, do not help with eb's, do not allow them to be in your clan to hit your Eb's and gain funds.
    2.) Shortly after yoshi not only visited IG, he brought IG AND Invictus back to his clan, broke two of the terms he had agreed to, he was stripped the next morning of roughly 800T with a. 700-730T take.
    3.) After strip he self pinned and proceeded to build towers. From 20-30m to what you see now. And has since adapted the "hide Ally's 24/7" lifestyle.

    Sleeping assassins were given the same terms, and told of our war, by me. Not by yoshi the person organizing the alliance. But by someone outside. Yoshi said nothing originally about IG being wrapped up into a war by their own doing, would you fight for someone who didn't give you full facts about something?
  5. Why don't you tell us what your list of accomplishments in kaw are, onesy? I suspect that I've done a lot more for this community than you ever will.

    You're just an ego. Outside of being a bad forum troll, I'm not aware of a single thing you've accomplished in kaw other than being an EB fairy. For christs sake, look at your stats and your battle W/L record. You're a hansel, too! ๎’ Have you ever been in a fight you didn't know you could win?

    Talk about being a nobody, your account has nobody written all over it.

    Rather than resorting to ad hominem like every moron in this forum does, why don't you make a meaningful counter argument and maybe show some proof?
  6. I had bfa cheese, even attack builds fail on me, shall I continue? If you were in my hit range I'd show you
  7. Thank you, Zaul.

    A meaningful, factual, and impartial presentation of the facts. Kaw would be so much simpler and drama free if everyone were like you.

    Why can't people just calm their emotions and put their egos aside and be reasonable about stuff?

    I'd like to see a response from anni on this!
  8. You call that an accomplishment?

    Oh, Lordy Lordy. You're an even sadder person than I had originally thought. ๎ƒ
  9. Whoa ! Cheese. Just step back. Onsey is a legend. He takes top plunder more often than not on the epics, and has a solid reputation for cheering kotfe on from the sidelines.

    I suggest you remember your place when you Talking to onesy.
  10. He insults you by calling you an eb fairy and the response you use to that is talking about bfa you earned by hitting ebs?
  11. Funny thing is I always see onesy say to small people "if you were in my hit range I'd show you" but he's never shown me and I'm in his hit range.
  12. From observing forums onesy is probably the biggest mouth ive seen, and all his statements are ignorant
  13. Oh shots fired? Yessir. Now to see what Onesy has to say..
  14. Onsey won't return to the thread. Whenever he gets called out he tucks tail and runs.

  15. Dude shut up ..it's all you do is jump on someone else's bandwagon. You're the last one to be judging anybody else, pathetic loser you're about the same as Val if the conversation isn't about you you have to make it about you. Crawl back into the gutter you filthy rat.

  16. And you have a solid reputation for being a coward idiot who does nothing but talk smack. Pathetic loser ...why are you even trying to build again you ass clown.
  17. Oh look it's poor old Todd the muppet, back to spend his entire day and evening on these forums.

    You actually think you're a clever troll, when in fact you're just a forum fool who gets encouraged to play the role you do. And you fall for it every time.

    Good little doggy. Have a bone noob.
  18. Post the screen shots of any of your numerous lame kingdoms battle stats and mine will still make yours look sad.

    Anyday. Anytime
  19. You can't use a dog reference unless it's me, bruh. Let's see, how about a banana reference? We all know bananas are your thing, Alison.