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  2. Bahahahahahahahaha
  3. You are nothing but a youth killer who talks bigger than what you are.nobody even heard one peep from you until you got machine tags.You are the zero here. I was dropped after 8 months not because of my fighting abilitys it was another reason I am not you only found my voice since being in a famous clan.I have always beem vocal.You live behind a clan only asserting yourself behind their legacy.whereas I created my own.Poor killer jelous that a female will be remembered on this game more than him.
  4. Remembered by your terrible typing skills, maybe. Not much else.
  5. [​IMG] snoopy the non fighter soon bailed on iG and requested a c.f !

  6. During farmfest he was asking other people if he could join their clans
  7. Negative. In fact, quite the opposite. I stood up for iG in the chat when everyone was calling them inactive.
  8. [​IMG] who even heard of killer before he joined kotfe ?No one ! He was in sparta elite but didn't say one word to anyone not to Zaft not to me or anyone.He only found his voice when he joined kotfe.I have a better screenshot of him begging for a c.f !! When I find it ill upload it here.
  9. Speaking up for them and fighting for them are 2 different things you bottled it and left them.
  10. Bootsy ran from 10 osws now .Look at her even too scared to hire allies now after stripped by apoc after she ran from them and became a traitor and sellout.
  11. That's the past thoughÓźí I haven't asked for a CF in a Very long time. That's the difference between me and you. I can admit my KaW past. I was a little Wimp back then KotFE helped me become a better fighter, also showed me the true meaning of what it is to be in a family, BTW I know I'm young :).

  12. Lol oh do tell me more
  13. That was when you ran into kotfe and hitting sparta elite targets .that was your 3rd day in kotfe stop lying .
  14. I didn't get into KotFE til the 7th of september idiot. BTW that's a compliment, wasn't ass kissing you, Hint thats why nobody likes you you're a nobody who has to pull out the past cuz you have Nothing on me in the Current Moment.
  15. [​IMG] don't ever try insult me killer because I will blow you out the water.
  16. Any more lies you gonner say killer ??!!
  17. Roni does have a point.

    Just because you you now in alliance. Don't make you any better of a fighter

    But bootsy never was a fighter anyways. She was too busy with other stuff.
  18. Killer machine you really should thank roni. Every post you've made on this thread revolves around roni.

    Without roni, you would have no voice here.
  19. I said I didn't join til the 7th. That was just helping my point. Regardless, This is why you're irrelevant you have nothing against me Now, Only the past. Now, if you'll excuse me I'm done arguing with a Nobody who has to Exploit Personal information about People on a game. I'm still trying to Confirm what your point is? I don't care though.

    Edit: Changed Kids to People