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  1. R.I.P. annihilation's warriors. Sad day for annihilation, when they needed to recruit IG to help pin a clan of "scared eb fairies" at Sleeping Assassins. Upset because SA wouldn't charge into an osw that they walked into themselves after claiming they wouldn't interfere with their new allies pre existing osw. Yoshi's lies cost him his alliance with SA. "Blood Family" are supposed to stand beside you in war, but don't deserve the truth? Seems appropriate. So here's to Annihilation, raise a glass to these fantastic warriors who can't even take on a clan of eb fairies!
  2. Interesting claim. However, have you stripped Anni? Until then I think they'll be okay. Lol.
  3. We are eb fairies after all 
  4. If you are eb fairy's then why even have alliances in the first place?
  5. So let me get this straight, an osw clan was allies with an eb clan..? Lol

    I say this will end in like 3-4 weeks
  6. Agreed.
  7. Yup exactly my point off why I posted this  big scary osw clan lie then try to bully a little eb clan fail and cry for help 
  8. Maybe it's because they like to clan hop and do what Zaft does, diff EBs at alliance clans to hop around and get equip or make more gold.
  9. So you are an eb fairy clan?
  10. Veri already stripped yoshi 700 trillion the work is already done....next
  11. 700T? Your alliance previously claimed a higher number, why lie about it?
  12. How did anni "walk into" the OSW?

    Yoshi was a guest at iG and got stripped while he was there.

    You lot were supposed to have been "family," so there shouldn't have been any reaction from SA other than to hit back at whoever stripped one of your family.

    Instead, you tucked tail and ran when you found out kotfe, and regs were involved. Why? Because a few of you had "friends" there?

    Last time I checked, family always comes before friends.

  13. It was 700t. As far as I was always told by both iG and Veri that it was a just a bit under 700t. They may have boasted to others higher, as I did have some friends tell me that they were told more towards 1q(quad aka 1000t). However, 700t roughly was the actual amount.
  14. Oh chill yo beef cheese the fact they said they weren't getting involved in another's osw then joining there clan during is already putting yourself in there osw, when in osw guest or not you get hit everyone knows that  but my main reason off posting this was to show how weak and pathetic they both are (and to get a reaction) and it worked so I'm happy 
  15. You weren't eb fairies when you sent some of your members into war against us! Just admit it you're a runner
  16. I'm a runner who did I run from?  yes some off our members where willing to help not all bahaha seems someone a little butthurt 
  17. If you're gonna put people on blast in the forum, it's best to provide the audience with proof.

    It's entirely possible that yoshi was also lied to about iG's war status. And it's also unclear whether being at peace was a prerequisite for a new clam to join your alliance. Maybe it wasn't a lie because these details were never established beforehand.

    Right now, this thread reeks of butthurt.
  18. Actually say we did run we where told at beginning of alliance if we ever decided to leave we could no hard feeling as we admitted we weren't osw ready from the start 
  19. Yoshi had told one of ours that IG was not in a current osw, then told us again later that IG had told him they were. Just my little bit of information though. Y'all can carry on