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  1. Ok so seen a lot of circulation of ideas supporting more PVP based players which I have 94% agreed with so far. Not sure if this idea has come up so just guna throw it out there see what kind of response I get whether it is criticism or support I am not bothered as long as it is supported by an explanation


    So we would wholly rely on PVP for any income of gold. Again criticism is welcomed as long as it is on topic and has a decent explanation alongside it, tyvm ;)
  2. Why do you feel the need to post some terrible idea every hour or so?
  3. Why do you feel the need to post, who are you? Guessing an eb fairy right? :lol: last forum post was 2 days ago tho but ok ;)

    Loving the BFE though :)
  4. Why keep giving idea. This game is on bot mode. Devs abandoned this game to work on their new game. They will be back in 18 months when the other game start to fail
  5. Ok first off, have a little respect for Xoxox.

    Secondly, who the hell are you go criticize someone else and not even give a valid reasoning? The stereotype of a 5 year old is strong with you.

    Thirdly, I love the idea Xoxox, and personally support it. I myself actively Event & War (I don't EB unless its event related, no point for me), so I'd love a day to just war super hard.
  6. Thank you very much, the game is extremely EB orientated and it'd be nice to see a tilt on that :)
  7. I suggested this before I quit I'd like to see 2 week PvP events with EB blitzes on weekend's lol see how the EB guys like it.

    Now they have added an EB event inside an EB event on one of the weekends we are meant to have PvP really sucks imo. Why they can't run the mini warbeast event in the week so it doesn't mess up PvP we will never know.

    Anyway best of luck with your ideas to get more PvP events or whatever in this game you're really going to need it.
  8. [​IMG]
  9. Sorry for stealing your idea I guess? ;)

    Try imgfit ;)
  10. Interesting idea! I like it but I highly doubt that it will happen. If you take the EBs away then the devs won't be earning their income from seal/circle purchases. I don't include crystals in the loss simply because (if enough incentive was provided) players would still purchase them to war.

    It's been a while since I was in an business/economics class, but I'm pretty sure it's a "rule" that if a decision doesn't benefit the profit generated by the business then it will not be implemented. By excluding EBs, specifically premium ones, the devs would lose a percentage of their income.

    Above reasoning aside, I do enjoy the pvp aspects of the game and I wish they were more prevalent. I like the idea. I just doubt it would be implemented :(
  11. Ahh yes I see that very good point Gator tyvm! ;)
  12. If they take away EBs people will hit inactives. Thats what people did when this game was first released. The other option is do a pwars.

    People will make due for the 24 hours the continue the EBs.

    Just my two cents
  13. Devs will never allow this for 2 specific reasons

    They make all their money from selling seals

    PVP brings zero income

    If you want devs to "improve" pvp

    Figure out how to monetize pvp and devs will be all over it
  14. Sounds like it could be fun but wouldn't people just farm their alts?
  15. I don't see how this would be beneficial for anyone.

    The pvp system isn't that great, hasn't been revamped for years.

    I'm unsure on profit but last I checked PVP wasn't as profitable as ebs... Stunting players growth for a day even when bc is difficult as is.

    You're limiting options of play, why must players pvp? Why can't they do what they want?

    Also what about those who prefer ebs etc.?

    Regardless, I've presented my reasoning.
  16. The devs have done 2 weeks of pvp in the past allowing opt ins. Imo, devs should do an event where the first week is ebs dropping event items and then the second week, ebs don't drop event items. You have to do pvp for the second week if you wish to continue collecting event items. I feel like this format would spice things up a little bit. You definitely would see a change in the event leaderboards.
  17. If they closed the gap a huge amount i'd support this otherwise pvp is for folks who like shooting fish in a barrel & has always been like that with oafs & osf's abundant even in the earlier days, only you don't get the rewards u could get by shooting pve fish. Lack of development with creativity, balancing, rewards & bot control has always been a downfall with pvp n the devs can't fix it without scrapping the mechanics & setup, & starting pvp off fresh imo.
  18. Why? Did he earn it? You can't just tell people to respect someone without 'valid reasoning' 

    For someone who's just told someone to respect another player for no reason other than you said so, this is a little rich. Seems like you're also emulating a 5 year old vibe. If people gave 'valid reasoning' for every crappy idea that's been suggested hundreds of times before, then people would have far less time to enjoy their lives 

    Yeah nice war build  As has been mentioned, this doesn't benefit the devs financially in the slightest. So why would they put the man hours in to doing it? Also, 1 day of no ebs won't lead to more PvPers in the long run. It will just lead to a day of mass inactivity.

    There's some valid ideas for you. Happy now?
  19. Who even are you tryn act big? It's funny cos you're on an alt running your mouth :lol: :lol:
  20. ^I don't think you understand who pie is