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  1. I know that the quetzal hunt eb's end on the 7th, but will there be another eb introduced to use the skulls on? There are a lot of players that haven't even used them due to length of the eb and the lists that clan admins are sticking to (which is fair, I'm not blasting that). But these skulls yield a HUGE bonus at payout, and it would be awesome to see something else come out (until skulls are used) that would have that same bonus for using that item that we've all worked to get (not including the freebie).
  2. so many requests for this... just do it devs

    PS /lock
  3. Pls keep the ebs longer it will help a lot and I havent used it. I didnt even know what quetzal skulls were for until today.
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  5. you are right
  6. Do it devs i have a few skulls and like others i didnt know what they were for.hell my clan has yet to unlock 2 last bird ebs
  7. What will happen to skulls afterwards
  8. Have my got to use any of mine yet and it's almost over. Don't know if I will get too. On too of that des release 50% hte in the middle of it!! That's pretty much shooting themselves in the foot. Lots I players out there trying I get there skulls in and will miss hte promo which is loss of revenue for them. Kinda ignorant. I decided to try to use my skulls rather than buy some seals like I normally do. Thought why spend money when it's won't cost anything to use my skulls
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    If the bird ebs dont last longer than May 7th, and we have unused quetzal skulls, I think they should be turned into equip or something. Devs should have made what they were used for, clear. I've loved all of devs' decisions with hunts and stuff, but this wasn't cool.
  10. They are good pots to use, save them and use to your advantage in pvp/wars.

    I do like the idea of tod being extended as I recommended it last Thursday. I even stated replace feathers with random aqua inferno drops. I have only done one, didn't drop skull. I have 4 -_- it is my fault though as I've worked on 90 k feathers
  11. Or devs could allow us to sell skull back for 70b or so ;) save lots of time
  12. @Redundis - They dont add any bonus to your attack in EE wars. It doesnt even use them if you select it on purpose
  13. Why not give players 1000 feathers per unused skull. I have 6 I haven't used yet and because of the hte promo I can't use any today
  14. @Eclipso they do have attack stats. Devs disabled that use until eb event is over as many people were using them on accident.
  15. I got 6 skulls. The problem with them is that the eb is very hard and doesn't pay well enough compared to how long it takes. If they made the skulls like seals then everyone would be able to use the skulls as the eb would give out more plunder or maybe even a drop? I mean we were given just over a week to use every skull we earned which was okay at first but then devs gave everyone a skull... I'm sure there's a lot like me who will have at the end of the event multiple skulls left.

    Disappointed devs...
  16. only gives amazing pay out to person who uses it. Your better off in hte or revenge clan
  17. @showtek

    I agree, and what's also disappointing is that I have yet to see a dev response to
  18. 
    I have yet to see a dev response to these issues
  19. It was pretty good plunder for the rest of the clan (0.5% higher then ts) till they brought it down to a sub ss payout range.
  20. Don't even complain. I sold mine for 18m, and the devs wouldn't give it back xD